Kate Walsh Poses Nude For Shape Magazine (March 2012)

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Not every woman in her forties can be bold enough to go totally nude for a magazine cover. But Kate Walsh, the 44-year-old Private Practices star, was desperate to appear on Shape Mazagine cover wearing nothing. She named midlife crisis as a possible reason for such a crazy step.


Kate Walsh, who looks amazing on the cover of Shape March 2012 issue, talked on a variety of topics during her interview for the magazine, including plastic surgery, diets and quitting smoking. Read the highlights below:

Kate Walsh on posing naked for Shape Cover: “I was terrified, but I really wanted to do a naked cover — especially with SHAPE, because the magazine is about loving yourself inside and out. Right now, I feel really healthy, confident, and sexy. I’m enjoying my 40s and wanted to share that. Is it a mid-life crisis? I do drive a Porsche, so maybe it is!”

Kate Walsh on meals: “I’d rather have a smaller serving of something amazing than a plateful of diet food. The other night, my friend and I went out for Italian, and we split the entire meal – clams in broth, a Brussels sprout salad, a delicious bowl of pasta. And we ate bread with real butter.”

Kate Walsh on going under knife: “We live in a strange time when getting plastic surgery is as common as dyeing your hair. But in my profession, I need a malleable face. Everyone has her line in the sand. I draw mine at facials and laser treatments. But if others want to go a step further, it’s their call.”

Kate Walsh on quitting smoking three years ago: “I’ll admit it, I used to love smoking. But from a health perspective, it’s a no-brainer. I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 22. When I stopped, everyone told me it would be great and that I would feel amazing, but I didn’t. I missed it. I wanted to be able to indulge occasionally but I’m not that type. One minute it’s a casual thing to do; the next it’s, ‘I’m addicted!’”

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