Kara DioGuardi Women’s Health April 2010

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The Americal Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi has stared the cover of Women’s Health issue April 2010. She is the vivid example of struggling the long way from eating disorders to healthy eating and stunning body shape.

Kara DioGuardi Womens Health Cover April 2010

In her interview to the Women’s Health mag, the 38-year-old songwriter and music producer reveals her diet secrets, gym sessions routine and how her bikini show-off helped her to save her job.

“It probably saved my job. It was a defining moment. Like, ‘She’s serious and industry, but also as kooky as everyone else on this panel.’ ”

She also added:

“I kept saying no. I mean, what crazy nut is gonna go out there in a bikini at almost 40 years of age against a girl who is 20 and probably cosmetically enhanced? I looked a little pasty. But hey, at least I didn’t wet myself!”

On her eating disorder she suffered in her 20s:

“I’d pretty much clean out the refrigerator. Food was my drug of choice. It anesthetized me so I wouldn’t have to feel whatever I was feeling. I’d stuff myself full of sugar and fall asleep.”

Kara DioGuardi covers Womens Health April 2010

On her eating healthy:

“The more roughage you eat, the more it fills you up.”

On gulping down water:

“Two huge bottles a day, minimum. I have them around — one upstairs, one in the car — to force me to remember.”

On her exercise routine:

“Two miles of running or 25 minutes of cardio — boxing, treadmill, step-ups, walking lunges, sprints. I mix it up. And weight training is important as you get older. You build muscle which burns fat when you’re at rest.”

Kara has become a wise woman!

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