Julianne Hough Reveals Killer Body Secret for Women’s Health May 2011

Women’s Health May 2011 issue is going to hit bookstalls on April 19th with a new celebrated face or more exactly body on its cover. Take a look at hot Julianne Hough covering Women’s Health May 2011 issue and find out the details of the interview to learn Julianne Hough’s killer body secret.

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Julianne Hough has become the cover girl for Women’s Health May 2011 issue. Moreover she has revealed her oh-so-hot body secret. Keep reading to learn how Julianne succeeds in keeping herself in shape.

Julianne Hough Reveals Killer Body Secret for Women’s Health May 2011

Who could have imagined that Julianne also had problems with extra weight? But anyway she did:

Growing up, I could eat anything, but the minute I hit 22, I stopped dancing and kept eating whatever I wanted, and I gained weight. Then I started reading [critical] comments in blogs. That freaks you out and you get caught up in it. But if I deprive myself, I end up binge eating. I didn’t want to do that. Now if I want something, I’ll have it and I won’t feel guilty. Then the next day I won’t crave it.

And don’t think that her killer body reflects the great credit of the army of her personal trainers and permanent exhausting workouts at a gym… moreover Julianne confesses that she absolutely hates being in the gym, and prefers taking Tracy Anderson classes, as ‘they’re fun and dance-y’.

Well, the result is quite obvious, innit?

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