Jillian Michaels Graces Women’s Health June 2012 Cover

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Jillian Michaels knows how to lose extra pounds and make your body toned. Thankfully, the former Biggest Loser trainer has decided to share all her hot-body secrets with Women’s Health readers. Jillian flaunts her sexy body on the cover of WH June 2012 issue and dishes on fitness secrets inside the mag. Keep reading to learn all the highlights of her interview.

Jillian Michaels Graces Women's Health June 2012 Cover

Jillian Michaels for Women’s Health June 2012

In her interview with Women’s Health June 2012 Jillian Michaels claims there are four tummy troublers that prevent you from having flat stomach:

  • Stress: “When your levels of cortisol—a fight-or-flight survival hormone—are high, it can put your body in fat-storage mode. So stress is one of the worst things, not only for your overall health but also for your metabolism.”
  • Too much dairy: “You want to eat things that are high in fiber and that keep moving through your body. For a lot of people, a ton of dairy can screw up digestion and cause bloating.”
  • Bad ab equipment: “If you’re getting on one of those gym ab machines and crunching 100 pounds, pass. You could hurt your back, and you don’t want the thick bulk.”
  • Alcohol: “It’s going to dehydrate you, then make you feel puffy.” If you must have a drink, Jillian suggests a glass of wine or a tequila on the rocks with a squeeze of lime.

Jillian Michaels Graces Women's Health June 2012 Cover

Also Jillian dishes on what one should eat to have a flat belly:

  • For Breakfast

Best: “The fruit is full of nutrients. And probiotics in the yogurt help with digestion.”

Worst: “Think bacon or sausage, because the salt is just going to make you balloon.”

  • For Lunch

Best: “Use green peppers, cucumbers, and lots of lettuce, because they have a ton of water—which fills you up.”

Worst: “They’re [French fries] saturated in oil and covered in salt. If you eat something like that, you’re not going to look cute. You’re going to look puffy.”

  • For Dinner

Best: “I like steamed asparagus or spinach sauteed with lemon and garlic.”

Worst: Pizza. “It’s bread and cheese. And cheese can be high in salt and fat.”

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