Jeremy Piven for Men`s Fitness August 2009

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A three-time Emmy – and Golden Globe Award – winning American actor Jeremy Piven, who plays the profane in Entourage, asperse stereotyping uber agent sounds a bit like his temperament when he talks about his introduction to yoga.

He thought

“you have to wear a leotard. I mean, do you have to wear a bindi and hold incense,” Piven says in the August issue of Men’s Fitness.

Piven is dedicated to yoga.

I loved the way it made me feel. It opens you out and you get great twang. It’s incredible. Ari’s got some quick-twitch anger, and to do that repeatedly you have to come from a place of stillness.  It´s so funny because I´m naturally kind of calm.  To be healthy you have to have those dualities in your life.”

Actor is back at full speed after a fight with mercury poisoning caused him cancel his Broadway debut in Speed the Plow.

He says in the issue Men’s Fitness interview:

“I panicked early. I went to a doctor, and he said I have never seen levels of mercury like this. I think it was nature´s way of saying you’ve got to stop. The feeling I can equate it with is when you’ve slept for an hour but just continue to keep going. That´s the state I was always in. I haven´t touched a piece of fish in nine months, and Ive finally taken a break. I haven´t rested in 20 years. If you don´t balance your life, you´re going to be brought to your knees–that´s basically what happened to me.”

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