Jenny McCarthy for Shape in January 2013

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American model and an activist, Jenny McCarthy is standing proud and fabulous for the cover story of the Shape magazine in January/February 2013 issue. She opens up about her body shaping secrets, diet and food issues and much more!

Jenny McCarthy for Shape in January 2013

Jenny McCarthy on the Cover of Shape January/February 2013

Can you believe that this gorgeous diva is already 40! Starting out as a Playboy model in early 90’s she maintains her luscious figure by following a special program of exercising and dieting. Being now a public figure and an autism activist sure doesn’t help in staying in shape, however, she has her own secrets.

Jenny McCarthy for Shape in January 2013

If you are wondering about her exercising, here is what Jenny has to say about it: “Lunges, sit ups and pushups — because I’m kind of working my whole body.Planking is still an awesome exercise for the core and your arms.”, says McCarthy, and it is her personal trainer Mark Harari, who helps her out with this and of course not without music: “I’d rather be electrocuted than not have my iPod on the treadmill”.

Jenny McCarthy for Shape in January 2013

However, of course exercising is not all, as in an important component of being in shape is the food you consume. Apart from loving watermelon as a natural diuretic, as ‘It helps you if you retain water. It’s really filling and yummy’. But hold on, there is more to come! McCarthy also confessed to rely heavily on her soup in her gluten and dairy-free diet:

‘I make a ton of nutritious ones, like butternut squash and vegetable. When I want to drop five pounds quickly I eat them for every meal for about 10 days,’ said Jenny.


Jenny McCarthy for Shape in January 2013

Perhaps you didn’t know, but it is actually hard to imagine that Jenny used to weight 200 lb, back in 2002, with her first pregnancy. She actually even posted a picture of her back in the times. However, now we know that with dedication, patience and some hard work one can be back into Playboy shape and be as active as ever. By the way, Jenny McCarthy is releasing her seventh book “Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic” and her new show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, will air on VH1 beginning Februray 8. What a life!

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