Jason Mamoa for Men’s Health April 2013

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Super-hot and brutal Hawaiian-born actor, Jason Mamoa famous for his recent roles in Conan, the Barbarian and Game of Thrones series landed the cover of Men’s Health magazine’s April 2013 issue. The famous macho reveals his secrets of staying in amazing shape and even teaches some tricks about his workout programs.

Jason Mamoa Men's Health April 2013

Jason Mamoa Covers Men’s Health April 2013

Who would have thought that the persona of almost mute Khal Drogo would get such attention from Men’s Health? He has been on the cover of the magazine twice already this year, although these were different magazine editions. He covered UK version in March, and now it is South Africa he is taking under control.

Jason Mamoa doesn’t stop amazing his fans with the intensive workout plans that he follows. In the accompanying interview he said that he is not into sticking to diets or going to the gym to lift weights. However, he did mention that he eats “lean meat and green veggies” as he prefers to save some calories for Guinness. The super-secret of his amazing sexy body is that he likes to hit stuff:

Jason Mamoa Men's Health April 2013

Weights are boring – hitting stuff is fun.

Although not very informative, he is being serious about his workout. He did admit that he likes booze, he also confessed that one has to workout any amount of extra calories, which one acquired after having those beers. As you see, Jason is not obsessed about his menu, but rather takes it serious and enjoys his meals, as well as his workouts.

The latest movie he appeared was Bullet in the Head, where he played Keegan, alongside such stars as Sylvester Stallone and Christian Slater. He said that he was a bit anxious about the fight scenes in the movie:

At the end of Bullet to the Head I had to swing this wooden axe at top speed right at Stallone and you don’t really want to clip him. He’s got these slabs of meat for fists.

That is the way he is, handsome, brutal and in a very good shape.

Jason Mamoa Men's Health April 2013

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  1. CL Says:

    It’s true. Hitting stuff is fun sometimes.

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