Heather Morris for Women’s Health June 2011 Issue

Heather Morris looks amazing covering Women’s Health June 2011 issue. Glee star knows for sure how to look fab, now you can also find out her hot bikini body secrets.

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Heather Morris appeared on the cover of Women’s Health June 2011 issue wearing tiny red bikini showing off her gorgeous toned body. 24-year-old Glee star has shared her bikini body secrets with Women’s Health. Read on to find out the highlights from Heather’s interview.

Heather Morris for Women's Health June 2011 Issue

On her healthy way of life: “Do whatever you like to do, eat how you want to eat, but just make sure you stay active. I take a lot of exercise cardio classes. I do a ton of squats.”

On her ‘Brittani’ character: “I’m exactly like Brittany – I love to dance, I like to have fun. I want to make everybody laugh.”

On her future plans: “In ten years I see myself married and I want to do a film; maybe play a completely different character than I play on Glee….I really hope I have a future in comedy; it’s the most fun.”

On her ‘Glee’ partners: “The more storylines I have with certain characters the closer I get with them. I got a lot closer with Kevin (Arty) recently because we have a lot of scenes together; and Jenna (Tina) also.”

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