Georges St-Pierre for Men’s Health Mag April 2011 Cover

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“Who’s that man with bruised nose covering Men’s Health April 2011 issue?” that is what I’ve asked myself looking at Men’s Health magazine cover. So I got interested and here is what I’ve found out… the man on the cover of Men’s Health April 2011 issue is the world’s number one UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre! Sounds threatening, innit?

Georges St-Pierre for Men’s Health Mag April 2011 Cover

That is what Georges St-Pierre had to share on his professional career:

There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose: He has a fight. I’m a martial artist. I don’t train for a fight. I train for myself. I’m training all the time. My goal is perfection. But I will never reach perfection.

On fighting:

It’s like life. The more knowledge you get, the more questions you ask. The smarter you get, the more you realize that everything can be possible.

In addition to the interview you can also watch Men’s Health behind-the-scenes video, starring UFC champion Georges St-Pierre:

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