Elsa Pataki For Women’s Health June 2013

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A 36-year-old actress, Elsa Pataki has landed on the cover of Women’s Health magazine for June 2013. Not only she looks great sporting her gorgeous curves, she also reveals her schedule troubles, workout ideas and her main priorities in life.

Elsa Pataki Covers Women’s Health

Elsa Pataki For Women's Health June 2013

Elsa Pataki For Women’s Health

Madrid-born model and actress sure has her secrets of staying fit in that gorgeous body during the tough time of having a newborn baby and trying to fit into her husband’s, Chris Hemsworth’s, schedule:

It’s a good moment for him, so I’m looking for special roles, and, like, if it moves me inside. The family is our priority. We both make an effort and give up things. [When you have a baby] you really have to change the way you view life. It’s not just about you, but it’s amazing.

Well, certainly things have been hectic, however, Pataki has managed to maintain her acting career as well by appearing in Fast & Furious 6 that launched in late May 2013. She had her fun times with the movie, as she recalls falling from a waterfall during the shooting:

There was a sign that said ‘No jumping,’ and there was this moment when I thought, Ugh, I’m doing a bad thing. And then my as* was so red from the impact. I looked like one of those monkeys with the red bum. It was so worth it. I loved it. I love that [moment when you’re like] ‘Eeee!’

Of course there was not only fun in her life, but also responsibilities that first of all appear before her family and career. One of such responsibilities is staying fit no matter what. From the cover shoot you might have noticed her incredibly fit buttocks. Pataki is working with a personal trainer, Fernando Sartorius and one of the secrets she revealed is to connect the mind with a body by giving in fully into the workout.

If you train hard, you need only 30 minutes. But you have to be focused. When you’re working your bum, think about your bum and how it’s moving. That helps you work it harder.

Elsa Pataki For Women's Health June 2013

Elsa Pataki Sporting Bikini Body

However, as confessed by an actress, she herself thinks that the most amazing and sensual part of a woman’s body is the back.

And sometimes dresses are really beautiful in the back. I know people look at the bum, but you know, you work hard for it! It is hard to maintain and needs a lot of exercise. You have to work it.

Well, of course nothing comes for free right? To maintain that petite bum you have to work hard, isn’t that inspirational?

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