Chris Hemsworth Covering Men’s Health May 2011 Issue

Thor star, Chris Hemsworth has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health May 2011 issue. Keep reading to find out the highlights of his Men’s Health interview…

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Chris Hemsworth Covering Men's Health May 2011 Issue

The 27-year-old Aussie actor, Chris Hemsworth becomes increasingly popular due to his celebrated role in the forthcoming movie Thor that is going to come out on May 6th. Therefore no wonder this handsome Aussie is featured in the May 2011 issue of Men’s Health magazine. Besides ‘lending’ his sculpted body to the Men’s Health cover, Chris gave an interview. Here is what he had to share:

I always loved film, but never thought about it as a career choice. I had a different idea of what I wanted to do professionally every week. You know, I was a lawyer one week, a doctor, a sportsman in some way, and then I found out I can pretend to do all those things in acting.

On his role models:

Anthony Hopkins. His whole approach to this business, his work ethic and attitude on set was inspiring, however many films down the track he still has that and he still is excited to be there and treats everyone as equals and everything he does, he is an impressive person. I love Paul Giamatti, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and Matt Damon, ya know, I could go on and on.

Watch the official Thor trailer.

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