Charlize Theron Tells Women’s Health She Was Girl People Barely Noticed at School

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When we look at celebrities and discuss how gorgeous they are, we never assume that probably in their childhood they weren’t as successful and popular as they are now. They could have the same problems as we, ordinary people, have. Charlize Theron, who covers Women’s Health South Africa April 2012 issue, tells the magazine that at school she was a girl people barely noticed. She wore nerdy glasses and had no boyfriends.


In the interview for Women’s Health Magazine Charlize Theron speaks not only about tough days of her childhood but also about her great love to Africa, Africa Outreach Project and what she understands under femininity.

Read the highlights from Charlize Theron’s interview for Women’s Health South Africa, April 2012 issue:

Charlize Theron on high school: “I wasn’t part of the popular crowd. I went to an art school, where I was obsessed with ballet and I wore nerdy glasses. Boys don’t like big, nerdy glasses, so I didn’t really have boyfriends, but I had a massive crush on this boy – and a magazine writer who interviewed me went and found him. This guy didn’t know I existed in school, but he told the writer, ‘Yeah, tell her the crush was mutual.’ F**k that! The crush was so not mutual. He was like, ‘Oh, I remember she wore those glasses.’ Eww!”


Charlize Theron on her Africa Outreach Project: “It’s great. We are continuing to find projects that are encouraging preventive care. With this work, it’s like anything in life: if you don’t love it, you shouldn’t do it. I love what we’re doing and I believe in it. Growing up in South Africa, I understand the immediate need, and also feel the neglect of people who have no tools to understand how to prevent becoming HIV-positive. So we’re really trying to encourage existing NGOs to support preventive care.”


Charlize Theron on what she defines as femininity: “It’s a matter of attitude – sensuality, grace, elegance and confidence.”

Charlize Theron on her love for South Africa: “It’s a beautiful country and I still consider it my home. It’s one of those places that stays in the heart and soul – it’s always a part of you.”

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