Andrew Lincoln Is On October 2012 Cover Of Men’s Health

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Andrew Lincoln Is On October 2012 Cover Of Men's Health

Andrew Lincoln for Men’s Health October 2012

Actor Anrew Lincoln is on the cover of Men’s Health magazine’s October 2012 issue. The Walking Dead star shared about his workout plan which is basically goes by the principle of “Eat less. Exercise more.”. Simple as that. The actor said that he doesn’t work with a trainer or go to the gym:

The whole vanity aspect of building up different muscles—I have no interest. I’m probably talking to the wrong magazine, but this six-pack phenomenon in acting, I just don’t subscribe to it.

Andrew Lincoln Is On October 2012 Cover Of Men's Health

Nevertheless, Lincoln works out by running which ultimately builds a certain stamina Lincoln strives for in his workout.

Of course I want to be in good shape and be fit, but I want to have stamina. It’s not an exercise in vanity. It’s about being able to do stuff. On Friday I did an 18-hour day, including travel. I was up at quarter to six in the morning and got home at half past midnight. The day before we’d been outdoors all day. It was 90 to 95, and the humidity was up. So I don’t need a trainer. I’ve got a zombie apocalypse to keep me fit.

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