Alison Sweeney – Sporty For Shape May 2013

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Famous American actress and reality show host, Alison Sweeny looks sporty on the cover of Shape magazine’s May 2013 issue. Her body looks perfectly fit in a tiny red bikini, while she shares a story of her fitness life and much more.

Alison Sweeney Shape Mag May 2013

Alison Sweeney For Shape Mag

Alison Sweeney Gracing On Shape May 2013

Alison Sweeney, the famous host of Biggest Loser, has made it again to the cover of the sporty magazine. The star of the reality show that pays obese people to lose as much weight as they can really looks fantastic now. Her first appearance on the cover of Shape Magazine was over a year ago, but she admits that a lot in her lifestyle has changed since. She has participated in a marathon, four half-marathons, and a triathlon for the past year, and they certainly boosted up her stunning figure.

I worked really hard for this and I should feel confident.

However, apart from her recent passion for running marathons, she also reveals her diet as it is also quite important in her plan of staying fit and slim. One of the things she did with her diet plan was cutting sugar intake alltogether. She also surprised her dentist by saying goodbye to the sweets because she has no tooth cavities. Alison says:

The results were amazing. I dropped a couple of jean sizes and stopped craving sweets.

Alison Sweeney Shape Mag May 2013

Alison Sweeney Showing Toned Up Tummy

As her snack choices, Alison Sweeney prefers toasted unsalted almonds, lots of water, fresh fruits and bell peppers. As her secret treat, she enjoys a morning yogurt:

I have to be at work at 6 a.m., so four hours later, I swap out an unhealthy sweet for a Yoplait Light which is satisfyingly yummy but a healthy alternative to a morning blueberry muffin.

However even that is not her ultimate secret. Apart from marathons and diet plan, Sweeney also enjoys doing a varied fitness routine. She admitted to do weekly 90-minute sessions of plyometrics, body weight and resistance moves. She also does stretching and cardio workouts, which helps her body always to be in shape.

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