Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines

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Surely every celebrity has some certain beauty routine composed of various beauty treatments and rituals. And I must admit sometimes it differs greatly from the common idea of beauty. Wonder what celebrities are willing to make in order to keep their beauty. I can tell you nothing is impossible for them, except surely selling their souls, though you can never tell. Thus the weirdest celebrity beauty routines include various bizarre tricks, keep reading to learn some of the oddest ones:

Eva Longoria

Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines

Eva Longoria is rumored to use placenta protein for her skin radiance. Surely she doesn’t use it in its pure form but applies very expensive facial cream containing placenta protein daily. Well, don’t know really thanks to what cosmetic products, but Longoria’s skin is enviably radiant.

Amy Winehouse

Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines

Amy Winehouse is as usual at her best! When not browsing through her directory of drug rehab centers, Amy takes on skincare. You won’t believe it, but Amy uses her own urine for rubbing her face skin. Doesn’t she notice it is absolutely useless!!! I am not actually sure there is anything to help her drug-damaged skin…

Demi Moore

Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines

Well, Demi Moore looks very hot despite she is already 48 years old, moreover she still attracts younger boys. And the secret of her extreme hotness is in ‘highly trained leeches’ beauty routine. She specially goes to Austria, as to all appearances leeches are ‘trained’ there in the most proper way.

It detoxifies your blood – I’m feeling very detoxified,

Demi admitted.

Victoria Beckham

Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines

Ms. Beckham is told to include nightingale droppings into her everyday beauty routine. Maybe for Japanese girls it is ok to use bird poo in order to clear complexion (as you know it is traditional beauty routine for Japanese geishas) but Victoria we never expected it of you!

Teri Hatcher

Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines

Amid weird celebrity beauty routines mentioned above Teri Hatcher seems to be absolutely normal with her red wine weakness. And here I mean no alcohol addiction, as Terri Hatcher prefers to take red wine bath! At least it can be explained easily as red wine is a natural beauty remedy to improve skin elasticity and contribute to skin cell renewal.


What are you willing to make in the name of beauty?

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