Want to shine? Put some glitter on!

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Want to shine? Put some glitter on!

Glitter is not only for makeup and holidays. It adds sparkle to your look and might be very classy too. Be it a subtle shimmer or rhinestones glitter will add festivity to your outfit and look. So if you want to shine at the party or some glam event make sure you do it right with our tips on how to apply and use glitter.

Rhinestones and crystals

Want to shine? Put some glitter on!

In order to achieve a dramatic look you can add a few rhinestones or crystals that match your makeup look. Using only skin-appropriate glue like the one you use for applying false eyelashes put some crystals around your eyes coordinating their location with your makeup. Use a Q-tip to add drop of glue to the place you want a rhinestone and using tweezers put it there and press with your finger tip.


Want to shine? Put some glitter on!

If you are applying glitter to your eyes or lips be sure to make it look neat as you don’t want the big chunks of glitter falling off or worse – staying on your face. To make it stick to your skin use lip gloss or cream eyeshadow as they have textures to which glitter will stick to.

Glitter makeup has the same rules as any other makeup. Bold eyes or bold lips. If you want to make glitter eyes and bold lips go easy on glitter.

Jewels in your outfit

Want to shine? Put some glitter on!

Can be tricky but as long as you do not overdo with bedazzling yourself from head to toe you’ll be fine. Jewel-encrusted headbands, belts or necklaces are fine ways to shine too.

Shiny nails

Want to shine? Put some glitter on!

Shiny nails can be achieved with glitter nail polish or rhinestone manicure. There are only couple of things to consider. Glitter nail polish is not for everyday use unless your job requires it. Do not encrust the whole nail with rhinestones it’s simply uncomfortable.

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