Top beauty blunders to avoid and look fabulous

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Top beauty blunders to avoid and look fabulous

Even a perfect makeup can be ruined by other neglected and ungroomed parts like hands and nails, hair and others. And bad makeup can make you look older or simply give you an unflattering look. There are common beauty blunders that every woman should know to avoid. With our tips on how to avoid top beauty blunders and look fabulous you will learn what things to avoid and how to maintain your beauty.

We’ll start with face and makeup as it is a key part of the body that holds others’ attention. Should tell you about hair care? Nah, you know yourself how important it is to use conditioner even if you have oily type, avoid environment impact and give your hair a rest from all the hairstyling devices like dryers and products like hairspray.


Top beauty blunders to avoid and look fabulous

Skin care is by default but sometimes women tend to underestimate details like applying moisturizer under foundation and it hinders even a perfect makeup.

Flaky skin under foundation. Applying your foundation over a dry skin is always a bad idea. To avoid this use mild exfoliator first, apply moisturizer and let it absorb for 5-10 minutes. After the exfoliator removes the dead skin moisturizer will work quicker and more effective. Only then apply your foundation and blend well.

Heavy (cakey) foundation. Heavy foundation makes your makeup look weight-down and overdone. It’s like you’ve been trying too hard to hide all the flaws but only attracted attention to them. Which brings use to one more common makeup blunder below.

Pimples. Pimples are casual for any girl. In order to hide them we use concealer. But what happens if you use too much concealer and don’t blend it well with the rest of the skin? Yep, you draw attention to it.

Clumps and Spider eyelashes. What can be worse than spider eyelashes? Clumps, right. Before applying your mascara remove the clumps from the brush. If your brush doesn’t separate your lashes take a special lash brush and go over your coated lashes couple of times to separate them and distribute mascara from roots to tips. And don’t underestimate a good-quality curler.

Crooked eyeliner. Yes it looks pretty bad, so practice at home to make a clear line, otherwise opt for a smudge-free eye liner pencil.

Not blending your makeup. That’s a bad, bad, bad mistake. If you want to have a bold perfect look the best way to achieve it is to blend, blend, blend AND blend some more. This point cannot be overemphasized because just as the crooked liquid eyeliner your eyeshadow that ends with uneven crooked clear line is simply…bad.

Dark lip liner. Say no. You remember that the plump lips are “in”, right? Anyway the lip liner that is darker or lighter than your lip color can make you look…well, like you have a dark rim around your mouth. Opt for lip liner which is close to your lip color and fill in the lips inwards starting near the lip line.

Fading makeup. Do not expect your makeup last for hours even if it says so on your mascara or shadow package. Check and correct every hour.

Over-plucked eyebrows. No, no, no…should I continue? Thin wispy eyebrows are a no-no. Why? Not aesthetic! Better shave them off if you want to draw a different brow shape every morning. In order to get a shape that suits your face, visit a professional who will do that. You will only have to maintain it or at least visit salon once a month for correction.

Overall appearance

Top beauty blunders to avoid and look fabulous

The worst thing you can do is to think that if you have a super cool makeup or manicure you look already fabulous. Do not neglect other things like your hands or hair. Moisturize your hands to make them soft and beautiful. Use anti-frizz creams for your hair to avoid frizzy tresses. Do not forget about oral hygiene and smooth and soft skin of your legs.

If you are a bleached blond with dark roots showing you gotta do something. The same is with black hair showing light roots, only in this case you might look bald.

To top off this top of beauty blunders here are couple of tips that will help you avoid more blunders:

Blue eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow is trendy this fall. So why not try blue eye makeup? The common beauty rule would tell you to stay away from anything of blue color, but if you don’t have dark circles under your eyes you will look fine. First of all get rid of dark circles, permanently if possible. Get enough water, sleep, and fresh air. Make sure your blue hue shadow compliments your eye color.

Wrong shades

If you aren’t sure whether or not this eyeshadow or that foundation will suit your, use samples to help you figure out. Do not choose makeup according to your skin tone type. You can be both warm-toned or cool-toned. Simply choose those makeup shades that compliment or enhance your skin, lip or eye color.

Mask face

To avoid a mask face make sure you have a right foundation hue that goes along with your natural skin color. Apply your foundation to the neck and the ears, because your ear color may differ from the rest of your skin color.

Choose your own perfect shade of red

Red lipstick can be sensual, but the wrong hue can simply ruin the look. Choose a red shade to compliment your skin tone. The same is with trendy dark-colored lipstick this season.

Discuss other beauty blunders

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