Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tips

Are you eager to look gorgeous without spending lots of money on costly beauty aids and cosmetic procedures? We know how to help you, read on to find out top 5 pocket-friendly beauty tips following which you will save money and look fabulous.

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Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tips

Actually there is no need to spend money to look fantastic. Beauty on budget is quite a real thing. Just learn our top 5 pocket-friendly beauty tips and you get ready to shine.

Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tip #1

Are you going to throw your broken compact? Not so fast, as it still usable. You should just take new plastic container (for example, take your empty loose powder container), put there the contents of your broken compact and pound it. Now the only thing you need is a good powder brush.

Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tip #2

You hair gets oily but you don’t have time to wash it. Surely you can invest in a dry shampoo, but it won’t save your money. The more pocket-friendly idea for greasy hair is using baby powder instead. it will absorb grease without leaving hair sticky.

Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tip #3

To prevent your perfume from evaporating you should keep it in your fridge. Besides it would make your perfume last longer.

Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tip #4

Give your eyeliner a new lease of life by adding a few eye drops. Mix the formula carefully and again enjoy your fave eyeliner.

P.S.  Never substitute eye drops with water!

Pocket-Friendly Beauty Tip #5

It is better to invest into a good epilator to use on your legs and bikini. It is pain-free, less damageable for your skin and much cheaper than salon waxing.

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