Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies

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Now that we mentioned Top 5 hottest female celebrity bodies we are obliged to give out the list of Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies, aren’t we? Hold on to your lovely heads in order not to lose them as here they are.

Ryan Kwanten

Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten has a fittest body you can tell from watching the countless episodes where Jason Stackhouse graces shirtless. Ryan prefers various exercises to keep himself in a great shape he’s in. Soft-sand running, hiking, swimming, biking, triathlons and surfing. Kwanten is also now a yoga instructor.

Jared Leto

Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies

Hottest actor turned musician is lean and gorgeous. He admitted to be a closet rock climber and has couple of personal records. After gaining weight for a role in Chapter 27 Leto recovered to his normal shape for a year. Being a strict vegetarian, Jared Leto eats raw foods that have no taste to get his shape.

Zac Efron

Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies

Zac Efron has build an impressive body. His secret? He’s a hardgainer, which means that he’s prone to thinness and in order to grow muscles he should train, eat and rest. When he’s not shooting a movie Zac lives at the gym and consumes much calories.

Alexander Skarsgard

Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies

Generation Kill and True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard has changed as he transformed from a US marine to a thousand-year-old vampire. He has grown more muscles and became even bigger. Naturally thin and very tall Alexander Skarsgard has been lifting weights and using treadmill to build his muscle mass.

Ryan Reynolds

Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies

Since his role in Blade Trinity Ryan Reynolds has build a more than impressive body. His secret is that he eats every 2-3 hours not letting himself go hungry or stuffed and of course 2-3 hour workouts every day.

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3 Responses to “Top 5 hottest male celebrity bodies”
  1. TrudiBeachGirl Says:

    Love your list…especially with Alexander and Ryan – who are SO deserving! BUT…..where is Joe Manganiello???

  2. creatine Says:

    I look just like them…hell yeah!!!

  3. TeamBreezy Says:

    Where’s Chris Brown?!

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