Top 4 Amazing Selena Gomez Makeup Looks

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Selena Gomez is without a doubt a perfect Pierian Spring when it comes to creating a delicate makeup to suit various occasions so find out top 4 amazing makeup looks sported by Selena! The celebrated Hollywood actress and singer Selena Gomez not only become well-known for her acting and singing skills but her beauty as well, so no wonder her fame is still increasing. Celebrities have always been the best source of inspiration for people when it comes to fashion, hairstyles or makeup and Selena Gomez is no exception. So take a glimpse and learn how to copy top 4 amazing Selena Gomez’s makeup looks.

Top 4 Amazing Selena Gomez Makeup Looks

The proper makeup needs to suit not only your complexion, and facial features, but also the occasion so there are lots of things which need to be appreciated.

Amazing Selena Gomez’s Smoky Eye Makeup Look

If you are seeking for a makeup appropriate for a formal event, a smoky eye makeup imitated Selena’s navy blue smoky eye makeup from the MTV VMA’s 2010 can be a fantastic choice. This kind of smoky eye makeup attracts attention to the eyes without being too dramatic, similar to usual Taylor Momsen look.

Top 4 Amazing Selena Gomez Makeup Looks: Smoky Eyes

How to copy amazing Selena Gomez’s smoky eye makeup

If you’d like to copy amazing Selena’s smoky eye makeup, you can’t do without a perfect looking skin, so you are to apply a suitable foundation. Next to give your eyes more definition apply eyeliner and complete Selena-inspired smoky eye makeup look using black lengthening mascara for lashes and a nude colored lip gloss for lips. A touch of blush applied on the cheekbones could get them more definition so you’d better use a natural peachy toned blush in order to get more delicate look!

Amazing Selena Gomez’s Evening Makeup Look

This look is absolutely perfect for a special event evening makeup and Selena is a perfect example of how to create this kind of makeup without getting an aged look effect. And if you are lucky enough to have brown eyes and a medium skin tone this Selena Gomez’s evening makeup will perfectly suit you and the result will be striking.

Top 4 Amazing Selena Gomez Makeup Looks: Evening Makeup Look

How to copy amazing Selena Gomez’s evening makeup

To copy this amazing evening makeup you’ll need to use a mixture of brown and black eyeshadow and a black eyeliner pencil that should be applied on the upper eyelid and on the waterline as well. Foundation and blush are also an integral part of this amazing evening makeup and you’d better to choose a mat foundation and a tanned blush to add more definition to your facial features and get a flawless looking skin. A clear lipstick will perfectly finish this amazing evening makeup look so just give it a try.

Amazing Selena Gomez’s Daytime Formal Makeup Look

Maybe the most difficult decision to make is what kind of makeup to opt for formal daytime look, but it seems that Selena makes absolutely right choice when choosing a natural makeup which accentuates her eyes but in a very natural and delicate manner.

Top 4 Amazing Selena Gomez Makeup Looks: Daytime Formal Makeup Look

How to copy amazing Selena Gomez’s daytime formal makeup

For this kind of makeup you should use perfectly matching foundation and a natural looking blush to obtain this flawless skin look. Define the eyes by applying black eyeliner and black volume mascara and the lips should be kept natural by applying a nude toned lip gloss which suits perfectly the natural earthly tones of the makeup.

Amazing Selena Gomez’s Everyday Makeup Look

If you are searching for a delicate everyday makeup, Selena Gomez’s natural makeup will suit best. This Selena’s everyday makeup emphasizes her natural beauty, so this is the look you definitely should opt for.

Top 4 Amazing Selena Gomez Makeup Looks: Everyday Makeup Look

How to copy amazing Selena Gomez’s everyday makeup

Foundation, a touch of natural looking blush and lengthening, volume or curling mascara to highlight your beautiful facial features are everything what you need to copy amazing Selena’s everyday makeup!

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