Tips To Beautiful Natural Eyebrows

Thick natural eyebrows is the latest trend. They've been seen on the runway as well as on beauty icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Conelly. Today natural brows make a fashion statement as well.

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The natural eyebrows are dramatic and bold. Some experts think that natural and thick brows make the face look younger. Anyway naturalness always counts so here are some tips on how to get natural brows right and what to do when they grow up.

Tips To Beautiful Natural Eyebrows

Trim Carefully

In order to get the thick natural brows one should be very careful with trimming. The main rule is to let them grow naturally. Do not trim, do not over-pluck. If there are two-three stray hairs tweeze them, but do not touch the brow line till it’s fully grown to its original form.

Growth Serum

Growth serum might be effective for over-plucked brows and damaged hair follicles. Although if your brows grow quick enough there’s no need to use such products. Just let the brows grow naturally without plucking them very often.

Tips To Beautiful Natural Eyebrows

Brow Shape

Beside the brows‘ thickness shape also matters. Sometimes it’s best to let your brows grow to their natural shape. But if you don’t like it seek the professional help in choosing and achieving the right shape. Tweaking the brow shape may hinder their naturalness so make sure you get the most natural look you can.

Thin Brows

If eyebrows aren’t naturally thick one can always use eyebrow liners/fillers, pencils and eyeshadow to get the fuller and thicker brows. Applying the strokes of eyeshadow or pencil to the brows will make them look thicker and more natural than drawing a definite line. Make sure the eyeshadow matches your brow color and has matte finish.

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