Tips on Eyebrow Color

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Tips on Eyebrow Color

The wrong eyebrow color can ruin even the perfect look. Though the rules for eyebrow color are quite relative it’s good to know them and rely on them while choosing the perfect color for your eyebrows. Also if you fill in your eyebrows with color there are some tips that will help you make it look more natural.

Two main rules say that dark-haired people should opt for up to two shades lighter eyebrow color than their hair color, while light-haired people should do the opposite. If it doesn’t work for you use brow powder or shadows to alter your eyebrow color and make them either darker or lighter and see, which shade suits you the most.

Tips on Eyebrow Color

Blondes though should avoid too dark eyebrow color as it makes a sharp contrast between the hair color and eyebrow color. The two colors should harmonize with each other. Sometimes the same color works for both your hair and your eyebrows.

Tips on Eyebrow Color

If you color your eyebrows there are several tips that you might find useful for creating perfect natural look:

  • Before applying eyebrow color give your eyebrows a shaped look by brushing them with baby toothbrush or clean mascara wand;
  • If you use brow shadows make sure they are solid, not shimmery, solid color that matches your eyebrow color and goes well with your hair color will make the look more natural;
  • It is best to apply brow powder with angled brow brush as it is easy and comfortable to use;
  • Apply brow powder or shadows making feather a bit messy strokes rather than straight lines. Thus the brows will look natural like you haven’t done anything;
  • You can use sharpened brow pencil to elongate your eyebrows if  they are short, but you can also do it using the same angled brow brush;
  • Tinted brow gels can also help you fill in the blank spots in your brows as well as giving them a sleek defined look.

Tips on Eyebrow Color

If you change your hair color you sometimes will need to change your eyebrow color too. In this case use only special dye for eyebrows rather than the hair dye because the latter might be dangerous for your eyes and sensitive skin around them.

Choose the right color and test eyebrow dye first on the inner side of your elbow. If it didn’t cause any irritation during five or more minutes you can use it. To prevent staining the skin around your eyebrows use cream or Vaseline to outline the eyebrows but make sure it doesn’t get on the eyebrows themselves because then they won’t dye properly or at all.

Using Q-tip or special wand carefully apply the dye to your eyebrows making sure it coats every hair. After 15 minutes or the time that’s indicated in the instruction wipe the dye with a wet tissue and wash your face carefully making sure the dye doesn’t get in your eyes.

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