Super Quick Beauty Fixes

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Super Quick Beauty Fixes

We always have to fix or change something the last minute. So here are some super quick beauty fixes that will help you quickly fix your beauty blunders, makeup mistakes or simply things that go wrong. Clumpy mascara, broken eyeshadow and many more.

Bad Hair Day

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

Head scarf or hat are great and super quick fixes for bad hair. Other solutions are more time-consuming but also easy. Sleek bun and ponytail with little help of styling gel will help you tame your frizzy or greasy hair.

Dark Under Eyes Circles

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

No time for compresses? Get a pair of sunglasses to hide them. Other accessories such as scarves, necklaces and earrings as well as a good hairstyle will draw attention away from your face. Concealer and corrective makeup can also do the trick in hiding these annoying dark circles.

Broken Eyeshadow

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

Broken eyeshadow, blush or powder can be saved. Take a clean dry tissue and press the crumbled product with your index finger. If the product is too dry and crumbly you can crumble it into dust and use like that.

Broken Lipstick

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

To fix broken lipstick melt the base with flame from the lighter or match and press the broken piece to the base. Put into fridge until the two hold well together.

Dry Skin

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

No exfoliator or time for thorough scrubbing? Add some brown sugar to your facial cleaner. It will wipe off the dead skin cells bringing the glow to your face.

Clumpy Mascara

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

Clumpy mascara can be fixed if you put the tube into hot water for couple of minutes. The heat will make it more liquid and it will lie thin on your lashes.

Too Much Bronzer

Super Quick Beauty Fixes

Ah, many tan-loving ladies’ sin. If you noticed that you overdid with bronzer take a brush and a bit of mineral finishing powder. Apply it on top of your bronzer to soften it.

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