Summer Beauty Trends To Take Into Fall

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Summer Beauty Trends To Take Into Fall

Summer is drawing to an end so it’s time to think about updating your look for Fall and make a transition seamless. We’ve picked up a few trends from summer that will fit Fall as well because it’s not only practical but also makes for a smooth transition from summer to fall look.

Summer Beauty Trends For Fall

Bright Eyeliner

Summer Beauty Trends To Take Into Fall

Bright colored eyeliner is a fashionable new addition to everyday makeup bag. Take it into the fall to brighten up your fall look and look glamorous and stylish without much effort. Choose the color that flatters your eye color and skin tone and wear it instead or with the regular black eyeliner and sans eyeshadow.

Berry Red Lips

Summer Beauty Trends To Take Into Fall

Berry lips seen at Donna Karan Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show can easily be sported during Fall. The dark red hues are popular during cold season and the Fall fashion shows have shown plenty of looks with vampy lips in berry and wine red hues.

Sleek Hair

Summer Beauty Trends To Take Into Fall

Sleek hair helps your hair stay intact during windy weathers so it’s a good idea to take those with you into the Fall. Sport perfectly sleeked buns, ponytails and other updos with bright lipstick or eyeliner. For a more subtle look go with two coats of mascara to open your gaze.

Nude Nails

Summer Beauty Trends To Take Into Fall

Nude nails are getting somewhat of a title of classic nowadays. And it’s no wonder. Nude nails look perfect and polished and it’s a great sohpisticated look for work and party.

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