Steal Jennifer Lopez’s Vintage Beauty Look (Love and Light Fragrance Video Teaser)

Jennifer Lopez has lately launched another signature fragrance Love and Light donning vintage-inspired gown paired with gorgeous vintage beauty look. Make sure you watch the Love and Light fragrance video teaser shot a la chic Old Hollywood Glam and learn how to steal Jennifer Lopez’s vintage beauty look.

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Steal Jennifer Lopez’s Vintage Beauty Look (Love and Light Fragrance Video Teaser)

Jennifer Lopez has launched already her 17th fragrance Love and Light that actually the continuation of her previous signature Love and Glamour. Besides, launching the fragrance J Lo has released a fabulous Love and Light video teaser. To promote the fragrance Jennifer has opted for vintage beauty look composed of brilliant makeup and perfect vintage styled waves. Check out how to steal Jennifer Lopez’s oh-so-gorgeous vintage beauty look and learn all the details of her newest fragrance Love and Light.

Love & Light is an extension of ‘Love & Glamour’. It’s the next incarnation. With Love& Light, I wanted to create a fragrance that was less about the world around you and more about your inner light and your spirit. It’s about how you feel inside; it’s not about your outside world.

That is how Jennifer Lopez describes her latest fragrant brainchild.

Steal Jennifer Lopez’s Vintage Beauty Look (Love and Light Fragrance Video Teaser)

And really the idea of inner femininity and elegance run through the fragrance, its flacon as well as the ad campaign. It is not for nothing that vintage style was chosen for promotion of the fragrance Light and Love by J Lo. It never better accentuates delicacy of a woman that actually radiates from the inside… Chic that is framed in vintage beauty cocktail composed of a clearly recognizable makeup and vintage styled hair waves. And Jennifer Lopez has shown us a perfect exemplar of how vintage beauty should look like.

To get the same gorgeous vintage makeup you should make sure your complexion is perfect. Apply the makeup foundation in tone of your skin fix it with transparent powder to get light invisible effect concealing all the skin imperfections. Remember that emphasized smoky eyes, clearly defined eyebrows plus vintage red lips are the key points in creating vintage makeup.

Surely vintage makeup should be complemented with a proper retro hairstyle, like J Lo’s vintage cascading waves. To get this hairstyle a la Old Hollywood Glam you will need to make pin-curls and then comb it to create that bouffant effect. Using hairspray fix flyaway hair ends and style the front shorter tresses, backcombed it a little bit.

Your own vintage beauty look a la Jennifer Lopez sported in the Love and Light video teaser is ready! By the way, here is the video itself:

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