Spring/Summer 2011 Ballet Beauty Boom

It seems to me that ballet beauty boom has absorbed everybody in Spring/Summer 2011 season. And no wonder as ballet beauty means minimum efforts, yet gorgeous elegance. Keep reading how to steal that uber popular ballerina beauty look.

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What is quite important is that ballet beauty look is rather easy to get, probably it is what has become the key point in that ballet beauty has become an absolute trend for Spring/Summer 2011. Learn how to get this gorgeous ballet beauty makeup and hairstyle.

Spring/Summer 2011 Ballet Beauty Boom

Ballet Makeup Tips

The ballerina-inspired makeup assumes the usage of pink or light brown eyeshadow. To make your look more open and accentuate your eyes you can also underline eyes with white eyeshadow. For more dramatic look apply liquid black eyeliner but make sure the line is well-defined. To complete your ballet beauty makeup look slightly touch your cheekbones with pinkish blush and apply rosy or nude lipstick/lip gloss to your lips.

Spring/Summer 2011 Ballet Beauty Boom

Ballet Hairstyle Tips

Well, as for the ballet hairstyle there’s little one can afford. Ballerinas are known for their strict hairstyle rules, only a high ballerina bun is permitted! To steal ballet-inspired hairstyle one will need to make a high ponytail, twist and fasten the loose hair ends with bobby pins. So now your own ballet beauty look is ready!

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