Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

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Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

Spring/Summer 2011 season is not so far away so we better get ready to change our beauty routing a bit in order to adapt to the seasonal change. These Spring/Summer beauty tips will help you keep your looks fresh, make the right beauty decisions in this hot time of the year.

Cleansing tips

Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

Cleansing is important during hot summer days as we sweat and all the dust in dry climate sits on our skin. So choose a very mild cleanser that will absorb oil excess but on the other hand won’t dry your skin. After washing your face with cleanser apply lightweight moisturizer.

Exfoliation is good once a week. Also opt for mild exfoliator and don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Many people think that in summer their skin doesn’t need additional hydration but they are wrong. We sweat to protect our skin from dehydration so drink plenty of water as in summer we tend to loose it faster and hydrate your skin from the outside. Again don’t use heavy moisturizing creams. Let your skin breathe.


Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

Want healthy useful skin? Use SPF protection. Sun encourages premature aging, fact. If you want natural tan use special tanner creams with protection. They will allow tan as well as protect your skin from dangerous UV-rays.

Use SPF protection daily even if you aren’t at the beach. Make sure your foundation or moisturizer has minimum SPF 15 protection. Also use lip balms with SPF to protect your lips from dryness.


Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

We’ve told you before and we’ll repeat it once more, wear sunglasses. Especially when the weather is sunny and light is there to sting your eyes so in order to protect your eyes you squint. And here you go, crow feet, wrinkles. Sunglasses not only protect your skin but also your eyes from getting burned and blind.

Spring/Summer Makeup Tips

Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

Consider that in summer we sweat more than in any other time of the year. So the makeup bleeds, evaporates, disappears or our skin looks shiny and everything together looks very unflattering. So in everyday life you’ll still be top trendy if you go out without any makeup because natural look has been all over Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011 season. No wonder, cause in such hot weather it is quiet hard to keep your makeup on all day long especially if you go around the city and not sitting in the cool building.

For ultimate natural look keep your brows well-shaped and groomed, apply lightweight foundation with SPF protection if needed or dare to go without any, but be sure to apply any sun protection cream with. If you desperately need at least some mascara you can go with one that  has a waterproof texture or with a clear mascara to define your lashes.

For an evening makeup use primer for your eye and lip makeup to make sure it stays there as long as possible. Try creamy (but not oily) eyeshadow and blush instead of dry one, which have tendency to disappear especially in hot weather.

Summer is a lip gloss season as it doesn’t bleed as the lipstick does so save the latter one for evening makeup and special nights out as long-lasting lip makeup requires time.

Do not touch your face during the day. You will only make it dirty and mess up your makeup. Instead to freshen up use clean water in a pulverizer and spray your face even if you wear makeup. Let your face air dry and you’ll see that water does wonders.

Concerning fragrances. As they tend to vaporize very quickly in summer use solid perfume or aromatic oils (1-2 drops after bath). If you have scentless moisturizing cream you can add a droplet of your perfume each time you apply it to your skin (think neck area).

Spring/Summer Hair Tips

Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

Natural locks, undone updos, romantic curls and side-pinned strands are all in for Spring/Summer 2011 season. But your hair beauty routine should also include the right hair care. First of all, try to stay away from fierce styling such as a perfect blowdry or hard as rock curls. Let your hair rest from all the products. Go with natural stray bangs and locks and light curls. Use sun protection spray to preserve your hair from sun damage. Big brights hats of interesting designs are also top trendy this season as seen at Marc Jacobs’ and John Patrick’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway shows.

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