What ruins teeth?

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We know that many factors can contribute to ruining our teeth. They are well-known: cigarettes, coffee and red wine make out teeth look yellowish and unhealthy; chewing hard things like pens or pencils can wear away or even break the enamel; eating candy and other sweet things give us cavities.

But there are some things which are harmful as much or even more but you might not be aware of their impact at all.

white wine

White wine

Yes, white wine isn’t good for your teeth, to be precise to their color. A recent study has revealed that white wine can put people at risk for tooth staining.

The problem is that the tannins and acids in the white wine roughen the surface of the teeth. The result is the porous enamel that allows the teeth to absorb color.

So, if you drink white wine at dinner, and then have coffee, for example, you run the risk of having your teeth stained.

Of course white wine isn’t as dangerous for teeth as red wine but you should know it isn’t safe either.



Milk is necessary for making our bones healthy. But at the same time milk contains natural sugar and if you drink it too often and don’t clean your teeth after that you might soon have cavities.

The same is about babies. If they fall asleep with a bottle of milk in their mouth or their mom’s nipple the teeth are prone to ruining. This is explained by the fatc our mouths have bacteria in tehm and sugars are used by these bacteria as their food.

Cough syrup

Unfortunately while healing one thing we ruin another one. When taking a cough syrup we want to treat the cough but it ruins the teeth. The fact is that cough syrup contains sucrose, fructose and citric acids which can cause tooth decay and erosion. Many people take cough syrup right before they go to bed and after they brush their teeth.

The syrup remains on their teeth all night long.

Besides, some syrups have alcohol in them that dries out the mouth. But when the mouth is dry, there is less saliva and the sugars and acids remain in the mouth and on the teeth.

The solution is taking the syrup with a meal, when there is more saliva present or trying to rinse with some water. You can take pill form of the medicine as well.


Lemonade is something you’d better stay away if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Lemonade is a combination of acid and sugar that leads to the tooth decay.


Actually it is not just lemons but all acidic fruit. Such fruit can strip the mineral off the teeth.

Saliva in the mouth helps to wash the acid away, but if you such acid contacts with the teeth too often this will lead to acid wear.

When erosion occurs, it can cause the teeth to become very sensitive, which makes eating and/or drinking very uncomfortable. Moreover, the teeth can become yellow and dark in color because the enamel layer is worn away. And unfortunately this is irreversible.

To protect your teeth from acid wear drink plenty of water after eating or drinking.

To add to this, it is better to drink acidic beverages through a straw so the liquid doesn’t contact with your teeth. Don’t brush the teeth right after a highly acidic meal or drink as you will just brush your teeth with the acid. Wait for 30-40 minutes before you brush and the acid washes off.

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