Unwanted Facial Hair: tips on hair removal

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You would be surprised to know that quite many women suffer from unwanted facial hair. In case you are one of them, don’t worry. Nowadays there are plenty of techniques which allow removing it fast and almost painlessly. Unwanted facial hair can grow above upper lip, on the chin, on the eyebrows and cheekbones. But before you decide on how to get rid of that hair you need to determine the reason behind its growth.

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What Causes Facial Hair Growth

If you found some unwanted hair on your face, you must understand there is something wrong with your organism. You might have some hormonal imbalance. This can happen during pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy. Doctors recommend removing the hair only once your hormones reach their balanced state. Otherwise, all the methods will be ineffective, since the hair will keep on growing as long as your hormones are imbalanced.

There are a few facial hair removal methods that proved to be efficient.

Plucking out

Many women prefer plucking as a hair removal method. It is inexpensive and regrowth takes weeks. But it is not a perfect solution as the hair follicle may become inflamed and leave a scar. This problem particularly applies to the dark-skinned ladies. Besides, the new hairs will grow thicker and darker. And the procedure is very painful and slow.


Waxing is considered the most popular hair removal method. It works great on such areas as above the upper lip and close to the ear. But it is not suitable for the chin or eyebrows as the hairs are thicker in these places. The disadvantages are as follows: the procedure is rather painful and may also be inappropriate for dark-skinned women, since the pigmentation of the skin may change due to irritation and inflammation.

Depilation Creams

Depilation creams dissolve the hair at its root base. They are great on large skin areas, such as legs, but in case you use them on the face quite a number of complications can appear. First of all, creams can cause irritation and inflammation. Secondly, no one can guarantee that the cream will reach each and every unwanted hair.


Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that continues to be practiced by many in the Eastern part of the world. Unwanted hair is removed from the roots with the use of a cotton thread by trained practitioners. Today, threading hair removal is the hottest method of facial hair removal and continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. and worldwide. Threading can be done at home but remember that it can cut the skin, even if done by experienced threading practitioners. Regular trips to the salon are required if you want to maintain a smooth and silky appearance at all times. That means spending much time and much money.

Laser Method

This method is ideal for women with fair skin and dark hair. If you have a darker skin consult a dermatologist before signing up for a session, as such method may be unsuitable for your skin. The procedure is painful as well as others, takes much time and rather expensive.


Electrolysis uses electrical current to ruin the hair follicles. With electrolysis you may enjoy the results much longer than after waxing or depilation, but the procedure itself takes long time, is expensive and painful. If you choose to try electrolysis, make sure you find a good specialist to perform this manipulation.


Of course, facial hair doesn’t look good but now you know that it can be removed easily. So don’t wait for too long, try some of the techniques described above and look nice as ever!

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