Top Eyebrows Summer 2009

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What shape are the eyebrows of? Are they long, thick and sharply shaped?

The very principle moment is their clear, graphic form and curve that prolongs the eyebrows far to the temple.

This tragic sharp bend makes your face look both ironically and aristocratically. Apparently, wide and hairy eyebrows will remain in vogue this fall season as well.

So, here are 5 Top Celebrities’ Brows of Summer 2009.

First goes Eva Longoria with ideally shaped, accurate and nothing-wrong ones.

Eva Longoria

Being a style icon, Desperate Housewives actress takes great care of her image. Her eyebrows complete her look tenderly.

Angelina Jolie1

The second place goes to Angelina Jolie. Angelina always opens up her forehead revealing the face shape. And just-the-right brows stress her eyes, nose and plump lips.

Kate Winslet1

The third is Kate Winslet. Her thick and at the same time accurate brows embody the image of glam and chic.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes wins the forth place. Her brows seem barely touched but gorgeous anyway.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci crowns the list of the Top Summer Eyebrows 2009 representing iconic soft curved ones.

Have perfect eyebrows!

1. Eyebrows care set Le Sourcil de Chanel Perfect Brows: mini-pincers, compact brush and applicator to apply three-natural-colored blush stressing the brows.

2. Two-sided pencil with the brush Givenchy Eyebrow Show. It’s extremely soft and perfectly shaded.

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