Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

To get beautiful and healthy skin is no doubt the dream of every woman. But to get positive results you need to follow some skin care rules. Thus we’ve chosen top 5 rules for beautiful skin following which you would get that brilliant result.

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Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

There is nothing more important than healthy beautiful skin that actually can be very easily got, just follow out top 5 rules for beautiful skin and the result wouldn’t be slow to arrive.

Rule for Beautiful Skin #1: Exfoliation does marvels

Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

If you want to get glowing beautiful skin then don’t neglect exfoliation. Moreover it would be more efficient to include exfoliation in your morning beauty ritual. Take a dry soft brush made of natural stuff and exfoliate you skin each day before taking a shower. The procedure would improve blood circulation and remove the dead cells that will help to make skin beautiful.

Rule for Beautiful Skin #2: Digestion

Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

As it is proved that beautiful skin is the reflection of the digestive system proper work. The most widespread ‘digestive problems’ are

  • Cellular tissue deficit
  • Water deficit

Thus it is essential to include crops, fabaceous and no less than 3 liters of water in your daily ration.

Rule for Beautiful Skin #3: Moderate Physical Activity

Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

Sedentary lifestyle is very harmful not only for your skin but for your health as well. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should devote all your free time for exhausting workouts in the gym. It would be enough just include the following rules into your usual mode of life:

  • Daily 15-minute walk
  • Massage
  • Physical exercises in mornings

Rule for Beautiful Skin #4: Stop eating a lot of Sweets

Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

I guess each of you knows that it is harmful for skin to eat a lot of sugar, but couldn’t you imagine that excessive sugar can lead even to premature skin aging.

Rule for Beautiful Skin #5: Fats can be Healthy

Top 5 Rules for Beautiful Skin

Fatty acids are the source of healthy fats that are indispensable for body activity. The best sources of healthy fats are fish, peanut oil, and food supplements based on cod-liver oil.

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