Top 5 Harmful Beauty Habits that Cause Skin Problems

Our skin is very delicate and needs proper care to look perfect and beautiful. Thus it is essential to give up some of our harmful beauty habits that actually cause various skin problems. If you want your skin to be healthy and flawless, find out which of your beauty habits should be quitted.

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Our skin is the first thing people notice about us. And no makeup can help if you suffer from various skin problems. It is absolutely essential to find out and eradicate the reason that causes pimples, irritations and other skin problems. The reasons can be really diversified starting from unhealthy diet to our own beauty habits. Let’s find out which of your usual yet harmful beauty habits cause skin problems and how to quit them.

Harmful Beauty Habit #1: Sleeping with your makeup on

Top 5 Harmful Beauty Habits that Cause Skin Problems

Sleeping with your makeup on is an absolute no-no if you want to have beautiful, healthy skin. Just imagine you are going to expose your skin to a real torture, sleeping with a day’s worth of makeup, grease and oil on your skin is a one-way ticket to clogged pores and as a result serious skin problems.

Harmful Beauty Habit #2: Using expired cosmetics

Very often we don’t even think that our fave mascara has a very limited lifetime. The same goes to beauty aids and other makeup products. Carefully follow the use-by date instructions given to one or another makeup product and never use cosmetics more than 12 months after opening it. (The sign below indicates how long cosmetics can be used after opening. Find it on the packaging. )

Top 5 Harmful Beauty Habits that Cause Skin Problems

Harmful Beauty Habit #3: Reapplying your makeup

Never reapply your makeup during the day. You can’t even imagine how harmful reapplying of makeup is for your skin. Reapplying of foundation or blush over your morning makeup will clog your pores and as a result cause irritation, pimples and acne. It is better to invest in matte cosmetic tissues that would cleanse your skin and matt at the same time.

Harmful Beauty Habit #4: Overexfoliation

Top 5 Harmful Beauty Habits that Cause Skin Problems

Although exfoliation is a key point in your daily beauty routine, you shouldn’t try too hard. Remember, everything is good in moderation, thus overexfoliation can result in intensifying oil production that leading to breakouts and acne. Only gentle scrubs and exfoliators can be used every day.

Harmful Beauty Habit #5: Using dirty makeup brushes

Top 5 Harmful Beauty Habits that Cause Skin Problems

Makeup brushes require proper care and cleansing. Using dirty makeup brushes can run into various skin problems. Makeup brushes accumulate cosmetics particles as well as dead skin cells creating a perfect environment for bacterias. Learn our tips on makeup brushes care and cleaning to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.


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    Those are great tips for women of all ages. When you evaluate those advices, some of us adhere to a practice that we are not aware of the harm lurking behind. Thanks for keeping us informed!

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