The Problem of Under Eye Circles

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You can be very beautiful, have a perfect make-up and wear terrific clothes but under eye circles will definitely spoil the whole picture. While for some people, under eye circles may come and go easily, for others, it can be a constant problem.

Dark circles

But don’t give way to despair! You can eliminate those or at the least lessen them to a great extent, with the help of certain remedies. Here are some of the tips provided for you on how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

  • Get enough sleep. Try to sleep at least eight hours every day. Sleeping with a pillow under your head will reduce puffiness.

sleeping girl

  • Massage almond oil under and around your eyes.
  • Cucumbers work efficiently against dark circles. Cut slices of cucumber and cool them in the refrigerator. After this, place them on the eyes, for about 10 minutes.

cucumber eyes

  • Prepare a paste from turmeric powder and a few drops of pineapple juice. Then apply the mixture on the eyes.
  • Keep it for about 5 minutes, and rinse off with cool water.
  • Mix equal amounts of tomato juice and lime juice. Apply this on the eyes and after about 5 minutes, wash off.
  • Eat diet rich in vitamin E, C and iron; this will work well in treating dark circles under the eyes.
  • Rose water will help you either. Plunge a cotton ball in rose water and place it over the eye for about 10 minutes.
  • The easiest way to reduce under eye circles is to take two tea bags of chamomile tea, dip them in cold water and after a span of 5 minutes, place these tea bags on your eyes and keep there for 10 minutes.

girl with flower

This advice will certainly help you in reducing those dark circles which don’t allow you to look perfect. With the winter holidays around the corner I hope you will make the most of your look and be the best at a party!!!

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One Response to “The Problem of Under Eye Circles”
  1. Diana Says:

    OH! Those damn dark circles!!! i’ve tried plenty of things to solve the problem but it’s still with me. you’ve mentioned a few tecniques i didn’t know before. i guess i’ll try them. probbaly it’ll work..

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