Terracotta by Guerlain for Spring 2013

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Prepare for the ultimate bronze spring 2013 with Terracotta collection by Guerlain! The collection certainly takes its inspiration in the glamourous golden looks, and features wide range of products, practically for everything!
Terracotta by Guerlain for Spring 2013

Terraccotta: New from Guerlain

One of the most traditional purfume houses, Guerlain is presenting to us the joy of the new cosmetics collection for spring 2013! Ignoring the major trends of the upcoming spring, Guerlain has produced its own version of chick! Certainly inspired by the sun glow on the skin, the brand has released an inspiring collection to go completely bronze. Most of the products are for the face, while others are intended for the whole body. The collection will be available from march 2013 from all of the major stores. Here is a full list of goodies with a description from Guerlain:
Terracotta by Guerlain for Spring 2013
1. Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder ($75.00)

“Each powder contains 4 shades, which can be mixed and blended to create natural looking color for all times of the year. To enhance the 4 Seasons experience, Guerlain has added 4 new harmonies of coordinated shades to better accommodate women’s varying complexions. With a total of 6 shades to boast, Guerlain ensures that all women, fair or dark, can indulge in the pleasure of a Terracotta glow”.

00 Nude
02 Natural Blondes
03 Natural Brunettes
04 Medium Blondes (formerly shade 01 Blondes)
05 Medium Brunettes (formerly shade 02 Brunettes)
08 Ebony

2. Terracotta Skin ($51.00)
Terracotta by Guerlain for Spring 2013
“The silky, lightweight cream powder is composed of soft-focus elastic particles which reflect light in all directions making enlarged pores, fine lines and other imperfections less noticeable. Apply one dab of this sheer, velvety foundation and smooth it over your entire face. The result is unified, corrected skin enhanced with a healthy glow”.

01 Nude (new)
02 Blonde
03 Brunette

3. Terracotta Sun Scrub ($65.00)
Terracotta by Guerlain for Spring 2013
“This luscious exfoliator is the perfect accessory to an even, long-lasting tan. Effective for all stages of tanning, the Terracotta Sun Scrub not only prepares skin for tanning but helps it retain its sun-kissed look longer. The secret to its success lies in the formula, comprised of 3 different particles. Upon contact with water, the 3 particles transform the oil-based gel into a body milk which work to remove dead cells, massaging the skin and leaving it satin-smooth and radiant, the perfect conditions for tanning”.

4. Terracotta Sunless Self-Tanning Gel ($52.00)
Terracotta by Guerlain for Spring 2013
“Remarkable for its ultra-penetrating texture, this two-in-one tinted gel provides a double action: it offers the illusion of an instant tan and moisturized, evened-out skin. Using a subtle concentration of DHA and organic Argan oil, the Terracotta Sunless Self-Tanning Gel simply needs to be smoothed over the body—the only evidence of a sun-kissed illusion is the bottle! Best of all, the Terracotta Sunless Self-Tanning Gel is visible after only 1 hour, but lasts up to 4 days”.

5. Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle ($59.00)

“Lightly scented with the fragrance of tiare flower, this tinted spray mist refreshes the legs and leaves them feeling cooled and relaxed. Drying instantly, Jambes de Gazelle provides beautiful legs without any risk of clothing stain or product transfer, yet washes off with soap and water”.

6. Terracotta Sun Serum ($59.00)

“The resounding success of Sun Serum has inspired a new bottle, the design inspired by Guerlain’s classic Coconut Oil Soap. The bottle will also be fitted with a metalized brown dropper to ensure the amounts dispersed are exactly as needed. This remarkable serum is your loyal ally in acquiring, deepening and prolonging a tan. Adding a few drops of this honey-coloured serum to your normal skincare product will instantly transform it into a tan booster, fifteen times higher than that of other tan boosters. In the palm of your hand, blend 2 drops with your normal skincare product (or 4 drops in your body care product) and apply. That’s all there is to it! Day by day, you will gradually acquire a lovely, long-lasting healthy glow”.

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