Teens Skin Care

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Teen-age acnes influence the appearance of the young girl and cause depression sometimes. Very often moms complain of the fact that “my girl is a different person:

she became rude, lowered at school, doesn’t want to go outdoors, and cries pretty often…”

Teen Applying Cream on the Face

So, how to help a teen to go through this and cope with skin problems.
Most teens have oily skin as the sebaceous glands work actively at this peculiar age. Their skin is glossy and as a result there appear black spots on the nose, forehead, and cheeks and even in the ears.

The problem of acne most young people suffer complicates with carbohydrate and fat metabolism disturbances in the organism, gastrointestinal tract functioning disorder, various infections (carious teeth, frequent sore throats and so on.)

Teen acne passes by gradually sometimes leaving scars and dark pigmentary spots. To evade these consequences consult a cosmetologist or dermatologist and keep treating the skin at home.

Smiling Teens

The main term of the successful battling with acne is a regular skin cleaning. Wash your face in mornings and evenings obligatory: warm water with soft soap in the evening and cool water in the morning. Rub the face with lotions for oily skin after washing. Boric alcohol can be good for the procedure as well.

Vapor baths effect wholesomely if you treat your skin with alcohol containing toner.

The following procedure does well either: soap your face thoroughly and rub the acne spots tenderly with a sponge or cotton wool wetted with three-percent hydrogen eroxide or glycerine, lemon juice and water (in equal proportions). After that, rinse your face with warm water and rub it with a lotion or calendula (1 tbsp tincture to 1 glass of water).

If there is no anything like that, prepare the decoction for face skin rubbing by yourself. Take mint leaves, chamomile, St. John’s wort and milfoil (1 teaspoon of each ingredient) and pour it with 2 glasses of boiling water. Let it draw for 2 hours, then filter and add 2 tbsp 40-percent alcohol.

Herbal masks disinfect and dry the skin well. Take 2 tbsps of each of the following: grinned St. John’s wort, sage, milfoil, coltsfoot and plantain and add 10 tbsps boiling water into it until you get a gruel. Put the mixture onto the face before it cools up. Leave it there for 15-20 min and rinse it with warm water.

Yeasty masks effect as a cleaning and defatting matter: mix 380 – 385 gr. Yeast with three-percent hydrogen peroxide until you achieve a cream mixture and apply it onto the face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water (without soap).

Another mask that cleans the skin well: add 20-30 drops of lemon juice or cucumber into the beaten up protein.

Teen Skin

Diet is of material importance when treating teens acne. Give preference to the food rich in protein and diminish the carbohydrates and fat in the ration. Steer clear of the spiery. Lessen salt rate. Eat vegetables, fruit and greenery as much as you want. Include diary products into your ration.

Spend more time under the sun as it acts well to the oily skin but know where to stop as the scorching sun rays can cause an irritation of the skin.

Correct healthy day regime, sound sleep, fresh-air-walks and sport influence greatly the spirit of the teen and the skin condition too.

And the last thing I want you to know for today is don’t touch the face with your hands. Take it as a rule – no clean hands – no touchings!

There are also lots of skin care cosmetic series: creams, cleaning masks, lotions and other.

Being a teen is a wonderful and unforgettable time, don’t waist your time on distracting tiny things!

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  1. Ahmad Nazri Says:

    However if the skin product that your using now isn’t working, wouldn’t it make sense to try something new? There are several different products you can use, just make sure that choose the formula that is best designed for your particular issue. If you have dry skin don’t get a treatment for oily skin.

  2. Bright Smile! Says:

    every skin problem has a solution!

  3. Best Teen Pimple Treatments Says:

    This is an important issue to teens of today, and one that effects their confidence and social interaction.

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