Summer Skin Care: Tips on Choosing Sunscreen

Summer skin care in the first place presupposes proper sun protection to provide which, one needs a good sunscreen. To get the best one learn our tips on choosing sunscreen.

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Summer is the very time to have a rest, enjoy swimming and sunbathing. And in order sunburns not to spoil your summer holiday you should choose right sunscreen which would provide your skin with proper sun protection. Aren’t sure which one to get, check out our tips on choosing sunscreen.

Summer Skin Care: Tips on Choosing Sunscreen

At first you should learn that even if your skin tone is rather swarthy it doesn’t mean it needs no sun protection. Even people who were born with a bit swarthy skin tone should necessarily apply sunscreen before going out. But regardless of the skin tone no one can feel secure against skin dehydration, irritation, and excessive suntan leading to premature skin aging. Thus it is very important to choose proper sunscreen if you want to keep your skin young and fresh for long.

Choosing sunscreen you should firstly pay attention to the level of protection it can provide. Sunscreen intensity and efficiency depends on the UV-filters it contains. More precisely every sunscreen contains 2 levels of protection, the first one, SPF is meant to protect our skin from UV-rays of B Type, while the second one, UVA is set for protecting against sun rays of A Type. The level of protection is determined by the index of SPF; the higher index is the better protection this sunscreen can provide. Learn which SPF index works better on you.

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