Summer Skin Care Regimen: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

Are you among those who want to show off enviably gorgeous skin sporting tiny bikini? Then keep reading to learn how one can easily (or more precisely) just in 4 steps achieve that gorgeous well-groomed skin.

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Summer Skin Care Regimen: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

Our 4-step summer skincare regimen would help you to get gorgeous skin you’ve always dreamt of. Follow the instructions carefully and enjoy wonderful results.

Step #1: Exfoliation

Gentle skin exfoliation is one of the most important and therewith the first step to get gorgeous skin. Skin moisturizing, nourishment, tan and other important gorgeous skin components would appear useless without proper exfoliation. It is skin exfoliation that provides skin pore opening, nourishing substances absorption and skin smoothing.

It is better to have 2 kinds of exfoliators if it concerns summer skincare regimen: the first one is gentle containing small particles set for daily usage while the second one should contain bigger particles in order to be used only once or twice a week for more careful skin exfoliation.

Summer Skin Care Regimen: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

At-home Exfoliator Recipes

There is actually no need to buy exfoliator with bigger particles, as it can be easily done at-home. Read on to learn at-home exfoliator recipes:

  • If your skin is dry, the mixture of olive oil and ground coffee or sea salt would turn out to be very helpful.
  • Mix sugar with thick cream and carefully rub the derived mixture into your skin. Massage your skin until sugar melts. After wash it off with warm water.

And if your skin is quite sensitive you are to be very careful with all these exfoliating procedures. Unfortunately at-home exfoliators don’t suit you and that is why you need to opt for synthetic exfoliator that contains absolutely round particles.

Step #2: Moisturizing

Summer Skin Care Regimen: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

Without proper moisturizing our skin undoubtedly suffers at any time of the year, but in summer the problem gets even more burning. Thus it is very important to find a proper moisturizing remedy that perfectly suits your skin type.

To get the most suitable skin moisturizer you should be guided by your skin type and your lifestyle. For example if you like to have a shower 3 times a day you need to remember that besides freshness you risk your skin getting overdry.

Moreover daily shower gel usage can lead to extreme skin dryness. Therefore opt for shower gels containing natural oils and don’t neglect the usage of after-shower skin moisturizers such as moisturizing body creams or lotions.

When it concerns summer skin care regimen it is better to opt for the following skin care remedies:

  • Moisturizing creams very often contains SPF that is so helpful during hot summer time. Opt for SPF indexed not lower than 15.
  • Use thermal water that is absolutely indispensible in hot summer time. It has an obvious advantage: thermal water moisturizes and nourishes without being rubbed into skin.

Step #3: Skin Elasticity

Summer Skin Care Regimen: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

Skin elasticity is an integral component of gorgeous skin that can be easily achieved with proper skin care remedies and regular physical activity.

  • Opt for skincare remedies stimulating collagen production. It would make your skin firmer.
  • Use various anti-cellulite remedies coupled with modeling creams. The first group is set for getting rid of extra pounds while the second one would help to lift your skin.
  • Massage is one of the best anti-cellulite remedies. Massage coupled with special massage oil improving blood circulation can do marvels!

Step #4: Tan

Summer Skin Care Regimen: 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

Everyone knows for sure that direct sun rays are very dangerous for our skin, as it can lead to various skin diseases among which is skin cancer as well. But nobody’s cancelled various self-tanning lotions that are indispensible for those who want to get beautiful golden tan. Nowadays cosmetic manufacturers produce lots of various self-tanners among which are:

  • Tanning moisturizers (tan and moisturizing in one)
  • Self-tanning lotions containing shimmering particles (can help to conceal skin imperfections, such as cellulite and stretches)

More skin care tips:

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