Skin Tips: How To Reduce Oily Sheen

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Summer weathers can be especially challenging for oily skin. Sweating makes oily skin shine more than usual. Makeup tricks may help keep shine in check, for instance, matte powder, water-based products, and avoidance of shiny products. But there are also ways of reducing the shine.

How To Prevent Shine:

Avoid Alcohol-Based Products

Avoid alcohol-based products as alcohol is known for drying out skin. When the skin is striped of its natural oils it starts producing even more oil which eventually makes it more oily.

Use Water-Based Products

Use water-based moisturizers and creams instead of oil-based products as they are lightweight and don’t add up oil to the oily skin.

Do Not Overcleanse

Cleansing too often will strip skin of natural oils and make it produce more making skin look shiny and oily. Choose fragrance and chemical-free cleanser that doesn’t dry and irritate skin and apply moisturizer after washing.

Well-Balanced Diet

Cut back sugar, saturated fats and transfats that can be found in junk and fast food in great amounts. Opt for fatty acids, fresh fruit and vegetables. This can help prevent breakouts and make skin more smooth and healthy as well as correcting sebum production.

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