Skin Protection Against Computer Radiation

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You job is somehow related to a computer or you spend the bulk majority of your day time sitting in front of this up-to-date machine. So in this case don’t be surprised if you find at your mirror reflection some wrinkles, dark under eyes circles, skin dryness and peeling. This untimely aging is the price you have to pay for the use of the technological progress.

Tired Woman in front of the Computer

The main reason of the negative influence upon the face skin is an electrostatic field and free radicals around the computer. The electrostatic field affects the acid-base skin balance causing its xerosis and irritation. As for free radicals, they lead to the premature skin aging. No matter what type of face skin you have, its condition deteriorates significantly.

Normal skin becomes dry.

Dry skin turns into the horribly dry one.

Combination skin suffers from broadening and dirtying of pores. There also can emerge some irritation spots.

Oily skin gets a high secretion of sebum and acne.

Eyelid skin worsens the most. It looses the moisture and elasticity plaiting with small wrinkles.

To protect your skin and keep up with your computer job you should use the special creams, make up containing natural antioxidants and vitamins that neutralize negative free radicals.

How to Protect your Skin Against the Computer Radiation

  • Apply some moistening and tonic cream every morning. It’ll set up the sort of protective barrier.
  • Put a moistening gel or cream at the under-eyes-and-eyelid area. That will prevent the skin from water loss, under eyes “bruises” and swollen eyelids.
  • Keep a thermal water vial (or just carbonated water) in your bag and regularly moisten the skin during the day. You can also use facial tissues.
  • Make a freak for several minutes and turn away from the monitor to breathe some fresh air.
  • Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants. 2-3 tea cups a day are enough to annihilate a harmful radiation impact.
  • Citrus juices are possessed of antioxidants thanks to the high C-vitamin concentration.
  • Protect yourself from inside: include into to your meals bilberries, garlic and spinach – they are record breakers at antioxidants content. Also: grapes, raspberries, strawberries, tomato, carrot, celery, cabbage, greens, soya.

Skin Care

  • Vegetables and fruit are helpful as well as face masks. Tomato, strawberries and grapes magically restore the skin and saturate it with vitamins.
  • Clean your skin thoroughly in evening and apply moistening and nutritious creams to restore the skin balance. Use carbonated water instead of ordinary water for washing. Also: tincture of sage, chamomile, mint or simply boiled water with a couple of lemon drops. If your skin is dry, apply moistening measures quite often. If its oily, opt for nutritious ones.
  • Apply facial masks and compresses regularly.
  • The following herbal extracts have a strong antioxidant effect: red grapes, winterbloom, sea-buckthorn, green tea, rosemary and pine bark. Try to choose make up products with these extract components. Add the oils of these herbs into your creams, masks, baths, etc.

Taking into consideration this advice, you can work with computer staying undamaged.

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