Skin Color Seasons: Warm Skin Tone Type

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There are some comparative characteristics of the skin color types:

The basic tone of spring nuances – yellow. That is why the tints of this type are more cheerful and brighter than the nuances of the same basic tone for fall gamut.

The basic tone of fall nuances – red. That is why they look richer, heavier, and of sallower complexion than the allied spring ones.

Now let’s distinguish each type thoroughly.

Celebs of Warm Skin Tone

Spring tone type women are typical for:

  • Skin – face transparent paleness, delicate gold tone, slight colour of peach hue. Spring type is characteristic by the natural radiation due to such a face color.
  • Freckles – if there are any, they are gold-brown.
  • Lips – warm red.
  • Eyelashes and eyebrows – they are of the same tint that the hair is (light or brown) but in fact they could be a bit darker than hair.
  • Sun tan – spring skin type acquires the tan pretty easy despite the delicate skin color. The skin gets the warm reddish-honey, gold-brown or dark-brow hue (that is the main distinction from the fall skin color type that doesn’t tan so well).
  • Hair – these are the blonds. Hair tint is goldish or red. There are light and middle dark hues, but there are gold-yellow or gold-red tints in any case too. Spring type women go best with gold-yellow, honey, gold-reddish, copper-red hues when dyeing or streaking.
  • Eyes – natural eye colors are: delicate-blue, grey-blue, grey-green, light brown, turquoise.
  • Face skin color – the basic tone – cool, that’s why the skin looks tender and noble.

Celebs of Warm Skin Tone1

Fall tone type women are typical for:

  • Skin – 2 skin color sorts:

1. Even-light, warm ivory or goldish champagne hues.

2. Bright gold-beige or peach tones (this tint is darker than the one of the spring type and colourless).

  • Freckles – the fall color type is characteristic by the red or yellow-brown freckles and moles.
  • Lips – all women of this color type have bright lips.
  • Eyebrows – brown or reddish. There are thick but too light eyelashes very often.
  • Sun tan – fall type women get the tan not so well in comparison with the spring type one (the skin becomes red but doesn’t tan).
  • Hair – saturated red, gold-red, and just red tints but there are also some pretty dark nuances. Such hair color set off the skin paleness showily. If you dye your hair regularly try warm tints shot with red: from red-gold to chestnut-coloured but avoid cool bluish hues (like mahogany) as they create a poor contrast between the warm face and cold hair colors.
  • Eyes – amber yellow, nut-brown, dark-brown, motton blue, turquoise-blue, green and yellow-green.

Celebs of the warm skin tone: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez and so on.

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10 Responses to “Skin Color Seasons: Warm Skin Tone Type”
  1. FutureSklDoc Says:

    What the hell are you trying to say? Your writing is very confused and now so am I!

  2. Heather Says:

    You are incorrect in stating that Spring is a cool skin tone. Spring and Fall are both opposite each other for shades but this means they are the same when it comes to their warm tone. Winter and Summer are both the Cool skin tone family, with summer having the lighter shades of the cool family.

    Go research your information a bit better before publishing it on a website. Fall and Spring are both WARM complexions and they both tan easily. Winter and Summer are COOL complexions and they burn easily.

  3. Mary Rise Says:

    Dear Heather. Read the post title correctly! It says: “Skin Color Seasons: WARM Skin Tone Type”. And the article is about Spring and Fall (- a warm skin tone type as you know)! If you still think you’re right, then cite the words and prove me wrong!

    Sincerely yours, Mary Rise.

  4. Marge Andrew Says:

    Heather was referring to your last bullet point under the Spring Tone type heading. To quote what you wrote: “Face skin color – the basic tone – cool, that’s why the skin looks tender and noble.”

  5. Rebecca Says:

    I see you have posted Catherine Zeta-Jones’ picture as one example of a warm season. That is just wrong. In reality, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a true example of the winter type. She is NOT an Autumn. In the picture you have of her above, the ice cold violet undertones of her skin are so strong, they are actually overtaking the fake sepia tint in the picture and turning it a purple tint.

    Her winter tones are so absolute, I don’t see how anyone can see ANY Autumn in her at all. If you put warm colors on her beautiful cold skin tone, you will wash her out. I mean, you had to use a sepia brown photo of her to turn her even a tad warm, and it still doesn’t work. Her blueness comes right through.

  6. ciera Says:

    im very pale and burn easily but my skintone is very warm and i have naturally light brown reddish hair so a lot of you are wrong. just because you are very pale doesn’t always mean your skintone is cool.

  7. Michelle Says:

    Yes, Catherine Zeta-Jones is definately a Winter, she always looks stunning in black.

    I can never really tell what Lindsay is, Autumn or Spring. I lean towards Spring.

  8. june Says:

    is it possible to be warm & yet suit winter range of colours(cool range-eg. shocking pink & pure white)

  9. vivianclare Says:

    I have news for you. Winter skin and some summer skin tans very easily. Spring skin is the most problematical for tanning, as it is so delicate it easily burns. I’ve been a life long classic summer, and I’ve always tanned very easily. Every winter I know tans more easily than any other people group.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is a classic winter, I concur with other writers above. The internet is full of rubbish about the color seasons. Of all the people, both men and women whom I have draped, not a single one fell outside of one of the distinct 4 season groups. Some of them tended to look better in a particular area of the color spectrum, but none of the autumns look their best in black, and when they wear black, then they will have to buy accessories outside of their palette. The whole point of the classic original 4-season analysis is the great harmony and ease with which you can pull a wardrobe together without breaking the bank when you stick to your own colors. Any classic summer, for example, can get by wearing light grey or light taupe shoes with any other color in her spectrum.

  10. vivianclare Says:

    The biggest tell-tale sign for someone’s season is what a color does to their eyes. The wrong colors make your eyes recede or the whites look “muddy”, while they will suddenly look much clearer with the right color. Hair color is pretty irrelevant. I’ve draped many autumns who look ashy just to the naked eye, but when you put the gray greens and earthy colors of the autumn palette next to them, there’s a harmony that she cannot achieve with any of the winter palette colors.

    I’ve also draped some springs with fairly darkish auburn hair and eyes and olive skin. You cannot tell these things unless you have the right drapes, you have ALL drapes for every season so you can make a scientific comparison.

    And the exterior skin color is completely irrelevant. It is the pigments, mostly unseen, underneath the skin, which determine if you are mainly blue or mainly gold. So there is, by definition, NO way that a person can be mainly blue AND mainly gold. It’s ridiculous. One of them is always predominant.

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