Skin Color Seasons: Are You Warm or Cold?

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There are colors that fit you perfectly. You look fresh and dynamic wearing them. But there are also colors that make you look tired and pale or what is worse, your skin seems to be of unhealthy red / gray-yellow tints. You probably know it by experience.

Skin Color Seasons1

There is a relatively easy method that helps to orientate in the color problems: the so-called season theory. The thery is based on teh assumption that all people can be divided into 4 skin color types according to the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

This theory will help you to distinguish your own type by the colouring of your hair, eyes, skin and will show you the color nuances on the example of red, blue and green colors.

Such knowledge will bring you lots of pleasure, especially if the success is obvious: all your wardrobe clothes fit each other.

Skin Color Seasons2

So, let’s get to the point.

Spring and autumn are characteristic for yellow-red tints (warm) in the skin-eyes-hair pigmentation.

Summer and winter are typical for blue hues predominance (cold) in the skin-eyes-hair pigmentation.

But how to define which type you go to?

Take 2 headscarves (or whatever of the necessary colors): the 1st – cold pink tint and the 2nd – yellow salmon one. Set by turns every piece against your face and hands under the daylight.

1. Spring or fall type – cold-pink color nearness turn your skin pale and your lips blue. Yellow-salmon color, vice versa, brings some freshness to the skin making it cold a bit.

Skin Color Seasons

2. Winter and summer type – your skin looks fresh neara cold-pink tint contrary to the yellow-salmon hue that turns the skin into the worn-out, and makes under-eyes-circles too evident.

If you know your skin color, you can easily choose the correct makeup tints to flatter your skin. Everything will look natural to you, if the color gamut is yours!

Now all you need to do is to specify what type (cold or warm) you are:

To be continued…

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  1. Rajvir Says:

    My skin color is i wanna to fairer look .pls sugst me sm ideas to look beautiful

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