Skin Cleaning at Home

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Expensive creams and make up help to keep your skin beauty but the way you clean your skin determines its health. What to do to achieve a clean one? I’m not talking about some already ready make up removers or tonics. The point is about the washing easy remedies you can make at home by yourself. You know the paradox is that sometimes our skin demands home nourishing “food”.

Choose the type of cleaning that fits your skin type best.

Skin Cleaning at Home

So, here are some recipes you can clean the face, neck and even décolleté area with:

Vegetable oil

There’s no doubt that it’s very wholesome to clean the skin using some vegetable oil: sunflower seed oil, corn oil, olive oil, peach oil, sesame oil or just seed oil.

You need 2 teaspoons of any oil, but warm it up a bit before the procedure. At first, wipe the skin with the cotton wool that is slightly oil-moistened. Then wet it abundantly and rub the skin bottom-up (start from the neck). Rinse it out in 2-3 minutes with cotton wool moistened with some herbal potion, tea, boiled water mixed with fruit juice.


The skin can be well cleaned and whitened by sour milk, sour clotted milk and kefir all the year round. The rule is: the fatter and rougher the skin is, the more sour the dairy products should be used. Rub your skin with the sour-milk-wet cotton wool.

If your skin is dry and you feel some burning, rinse you face with water and apply some nourishing cream. If you have oily skin, keep a thin layer of sour milk on the face for the night.

Egg yolk

Egg yolks are globally helpful in skin cleaning from time to time. Take 1 yolk, 1-2 teaspoons vegetable oil and the same amount of some fruit juice. Stir the ingredients until you get a uniform mass. Wipe the skin with the mixture thoroughly and leave it for 2-3 min. Then rinse it off with cool water.

Skin Cleaning at Home


This procedure fits well to oily skin. Take the bran you’ll find: oat bran, rice bran or wheat bran. Grin some oat bran and add 1 tbsp water or boric acid to it. Then mix it carefully and keep in a glass jar. When you want to wash your face, just take 1 tbsp mixture, add some water or sour milk until you get the gruel that’s to be applied onto the skin. Clean the forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and neck with it. Rinse the “gruel” off in 5 min with warm water and then with cool salty/ acidulated water.


Put a thin layer of honey to the dry skin and massage the place you’ve applied it to with the finger pads until it solidifies. The rests should be taken away by the warm compress. As a result this procedure removes the dead skin cells.

Honey lotion

Take 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon glycerin, 0.5 tbsp whiskey, 45 gr. borax and 0.3 glass of water. Mix up water with borax. Then blend honey and glycerin and add borax water. Put whiskey the last.

Or you can simply mix 1 tbsp honey with 2 glasses of warm water . This easy lotion is very wholesome. Honey water soothes the skin, cleans it and nourishes it well.

Skin Cleaning at Home

Rose extract

Pour almond/ peach oil into 3 cups of dry red rose leaves. Put it onto the water bath until the leaves discoloration. Keep the extract in the tightly closed jar and wipe the face 2 or 3 times a day. This extract cleans the skin perfectly, tones it up and rejuvenates.

Mint tincture

It goes totally well to dry skin. Grind 1 tbsp mint leaves and then pour 1 glass of boiling water into it. Let it draw for 30 min, then filter. This procedure is perfect as a thorough cleaning for porous or aging skin.

Vapor bath

Vapor is very favorable for a blood-vascular skin system; it intensifies blood circulation and perspiration. Under the vapor effect the skin cleans out of the dust, dead cells and so on. Vapor bath is recommended to the coarsened skin or oily acne skin.

Vapor baths are contra-indicated to women with inclination to blood vessels dilation, skin redness, hard heart diseases, bronchial asthma, and blood circulation disturbances.

Vapor bath procedure time limitation varies depending on the skin type:

  • For dry skin – 3 minutes
  • For normal skin – 5 minutes
  • For combination skin – 7 minutes
  • For oily skin – 8-10 minutes

Perform the procedure once a fortnight (oily skin), and once per 2-3 months (dry skin). If you skin is dry, apply a bit of nourishing cream before the vapor bath.

Skin Cleaning at Home

So, you’ll need a terry towel and appropriate pan or any other metal jar with water. Water temperature should be of 140 F. Rinse your face first and tie a headscarf on your head. Cover the head with the towel so that the pan (or whatever you have) will be covered as well. If it’s too hot, make a small air hole in your “house”.

Herbs are preferable for the vapor baths (1 tbsp herbal mixture for 1 procedure):

  • Herbal mixture for dry skin – Melissa, dill, lavender, camomile, calendula, coltsfoot.
  • Herbal mixture for oily skin – rosemary, sage, chamomile, lime blossom, brandy mint, oak bark, horse chestnut, willow & birch leaves.

Salt cleaning

To make a vapor bath more effective, perform a salt cleaning after it. Take some cream, table salt and soda. Dip the cotton wool in to the cream, then into salt and then into soda. Apply it onto the skin bottom-up. If you have oily skin, keep these components on the skin for some minutes.

I wish it to be tried by you! Share your results.

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