Skin Care During Weight Loss

Dramatic weight gain and weight loss causes skin stretch and damage. The skin may lose its elasticity and sag if the weight loss is quick and dramatic. Sagging skin is not only a cosmetic problem but may cause hygienic problems, infections and simple discomfort.

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Excess skin should be prevented with careful dieting and workout plan that allow gradual weight loss. Then skin won’t sag as bad as it will after a dramatic and quick weight loss. Age and genetics determine our skin’s elasticity so it’s easier to get back in shape and maintain skin elasticity when the person is younger. But there are some ways to help skin look and adjust better.

Skin Care During Weight Loss

Weight Loss Plan

In order to prevent sagging skin one should maintain healthy weight at all times. Not easy to do especially if there is extra weight to lose but the sooner you start the better chances of not have excess skin there are. With age skin loses elasticity. Dramatic and fast weight loss always causes skin to sag, there is just not enough time for it to adjust to new weight.

So the best way to approach weight loss is to follow a diet written by a professional dietician that will help lose weight gradually. During this period (dieting) you’ll be able to provide care for skin increasing its elasticity as well as allowing it to adjust to new weight.

Skin Care During Weight Loss


Exercise helps build muscle and lose weight. The proper workout plan will help burn fat and calories building a solid layer under the skin which will give the skin a toned look. It is very important to avoid dramatic weight fluctuations as they cause skin damage, loss of elasticity as well as stretch marks.

Skin Care During Weight Loss


To prevent sagging skin during weight loss (given that it’s gradual) moisturize it with lotion or oil as well as stay hydrated. Eat watery foods if allowed by the diet to make water linger in the body. Massage can also help build elasticity in the skin. Scrubbing and moisturizing two times a week will help keep skin smooth and elastic.

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