Salon Procedures That We Never Agree To

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Every woman has her own Never-do list of the procedures in a beauty salon – exotic pack, creative hairdo, nail build-up, tooth whitening, piercing and so on. Some of you don’t have the courage to make an eyebrow permanent makeup and others don’t dare for bikini area epilation.

Salon Procedures That We Never Agree To

In spite of all sensible arguments and reasoning you are still afraid. But cosmetologists assure us that the vast majority of our fears arise because we don’t have reliable information and trust widespread myths. But if to sort out thoroughly, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of.

Bikini Area Epilation

What are we afraid of: first of all it’s somehow uncomfortable and shameful. Then, they say, that the skin at this zone is extremely sensitive and there are a lot of nerve endings that leads to the painful procedure.


Why you shouldn’t be afraid of it: everything depends on the method of epilation. No doubts that the most painful one (but the most effective) is electro epilation (destruction of the hair with the help of electrode that affects hair bulb). Laser therapy is less painful but uncomfortable anyway. However, the up-to-date techniques include cooling that helps to reduce pain.

Photoepilation do causes almost no discomfort.

Wax epilation goes well with the most desperate cowards. The speech is about aromawaxes and aromatars.

Recommendation: to minimize pain, watch your biological rhythms. It’s been noticed, that 3 days before and after the period woman’s painful sensitiveness increases significantly. Some cosmetologists advise to take a pain killer 30 minutes before the procedure.

As for the moral concerns, no one and nothing can help you to overcome the obstacle to bare in front of the unknown person! Just remember that you need it and the person is a cosmetologist. You are not the first one!

Exotic Packs

What are we afraid of: it’s pretty obvious that we are afraid of everything new and untried. First of all it’s hard to believe that giant slick and sticky algae can bring some pleasure when put around the body. Allergy risk is also frightening.

Exotic Packs

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of it: in every professional cosmetology salon you’ll be tested on the tolerance of the new exotic procedure. If you are an allergic person, don’t forget to give advance notice about it.

Majority of body packs are accompanied with the aroma massage oils, music for relaxation, special lightening and drinks – all this provide comfort during the procedure and gives perfect results. If you are still afraid just question your cosmetologist about the pack in detail.

Recommendation: if don’t venture to undergo the whole body exotic pack, start it by parts: first hands, then legs and etc. If you don’t like it then you can stop trying avoiding uncomfortable sensations.

Teeth Whitening

What are we afraid of: there is an opinion that it’s a very unhealthy procedure and it causes lots of tooth and gum problems.

Teeth Whitening

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of it: that’s true that some whitening pigments destroy enamel. But the stomatologist explains: “there is only 1% of people with clean and not problematic teeth. Others have small or big defects.” The whitening is the “dessert”, as the stomatologist exemines the biological culture of the mouth, cures gums, cleans teeth from the caries.

Don’t rush to the stomatologist with the demand to whiten your teeth. Ask him first if your teeth can stand this procedure.

Recommendation: if you have agreed for whitening, take into consideration the fact that you should steer clear of the coloring products: Coca-Cola, red wine, soy sauce, coffee, tea, mustard, red barriers, red sauces, beet and tobacco as well!

So, coming to the end, let me remind you one more time: be ready for experiments and know more about the salon procedures you want to undergo!

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