Runway Beauty Guide to Fake Flawless Skin

Are you in need of a quick solution for perfectly looking skin, but don’t know how to conceal all these telltale skin imperfections. Follow this runway beauty guide to fake flawless skin in no time.

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Runway Beauty Guide to Fake Flawless Skin

It is not that models don’t have bad skin days, but they or more exactly their celebrated makeup artists know for sure how to fake absolutely flawless skin in no time to get ready for a fabulous fashion show. Thus, due to the following runway beauty guide models can always boast of a gorgeous complexion, at least while walking the runway. Make sure you learn all their runway beauty tricks to fake flawless skin with no effort.

At first you should necessarily invest into a bunch of appropriate beauty aids with the help of which the process of flawless skin ‘creation’ would turn out to be easy as a pie. Among quick flawless-skin must-haves are cleansing milk or lotion, gentle scrub, a good primer (we recommend you to opt for the product that combines primer and moisturizer at one); makeup foundation (perfectly matching your skin tone), concealer, loose powder and a few drops of Argon oil.

Step #1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

Ensure your skin is perfectly cleansed. Use you fave cleansing milk or lotion to remove the rest of makeup and all the impurities. Then use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead cells to make your complexion smoother and provide it with more even makeup application.

Step #2: Prime and Blot

To get ready for foundation application you should necessarily apply a bit of primer to your face and after blot your skin to remove any excess.

Step #3: Cover and Conceal

Apply a thin layer of makeup foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone using a damp sponge, makeup brush or simply your hands. Make it absorb a little bit and then apply any full-coverage cream concealer (in match with your skin again) for a perfect finish.

Step #4: Make it Glow!

Apply a bit of Argon oil to the apples of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose to make your face glow. And dust a bit of powder to fix and complete your already flawless skin look.

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