Pixie Lott’s Beauty Tips

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Pixie Lott reveals some of her beauty secrets. The British songbird says her skin is so smooth and moisturised because she uses a coconut body oil in her bath water and then directly on her skin for a tan-extending summer skin treatment.

Pixie Lott

She commented:

I use coconut oil in my bath to keep my skin soft and silky, and in summer months after exfoliating it helps preserve my tan.”

The 18-year-old does not only tells secrets of her own, she also uses tips by other people, to be precise, by professional make-up artists. She said her favourite “smoky eyes” look improved due to that.

She explained to Britain’s The Sun newspaper:

The best tip I’ve learned is, when doing black smoky eyes, work on those before you apply your foundation because the eye shadow can drop and ruin your face.”

The young star thinks people should look natural not only in life but at pictures too. Her opinion about airbrushing photographs is strictly negative.

She said:

I think airbrushing is something to be wary of. Some people take airbrushed images as gospel and this can sometimes lead to them feeling inadequate by comparison.”

The question about airbrushing and retouching photos has been very hot recently. Tell us what you think about it.

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