Pimple how to: prevention, treatment and beauty tips

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Pimple how to: prevention, treatment and beauty tips
Pimples and acne are our worst enemies. So in order to look beautiful we have to not only treat and conceal them, but also use prevention methods to avoid their emergence. There are many causes for breakouts – wrong diet, stress, cold, hormonal imbalance, wrong makeup, and many more. Read our pimple how to: prevention, treatment and beauty tips guide and you’ll learn what to do with those pimples.

Prevention tips

Pimple how to: prevention, treatment and beauty tips

Wrong diet, stress and cold can lead to breakouts. So in order to avoid pimples you simply should eat healthy fresh food cut down sweets, fried dishes, fast food, salt, soda and other such foods that are hard on our stomach. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and drink clean water.

If you have stressful job or life try to relax at times. Get away from stressful situations and simply try to calm down when something stresses you.

If’ you’ve caught cold or  simply stayed long in the draught you can have a breakout. So don’t stay in cold and draught for a long period of time, try avoid catching cold, wear warm and dry clothes in cold weather.

Avoid applying moisturizer or any creams on unclean skin because it may cause pores buildup which can result in pimples. Exfoliate your skin once a week with mild exfoliator, avoid oily-makeup, let your skin rest and breathe sometimes from all the beauty products. Before applying cream or moisturizer clean your skin with cleansing tonic. Your cosmetics should be noncomedogenic, so that it doesn’t clog pores.

Teenagers often have pimples because their organism is trying to adapt to hormonal changes. Do NOT squeeze your pimples as it may cause scarring, further inflammation and other problems with skin. All you can do is wash your face regularly with mild facial soap. Eat healthy food, especially avoid fast food, potato chips and other salty, oily and fried foods. Do NOT touch your face with dirty hands as it may too cause pimples.

Treatment tips

Pimple how to: prevention, treatment and beauty tips

Consult your dermatologist if you have regular breakouts and he or she will help you find out the cause of breakouts and find the right treatment for you. Do NOT try any medicine treatments on your own without consulting with your doctor.When getting a medicine treatment for pimples do not expect the results to come in hours or couple of days. It takes some time for treatment to eliminate the cause of pimples for a long period of time.

If you have the wrong, irregular diet try changing it and you might find your skin pimple-free after some period of time.Drink green tea instead of coffee or black tea as it is found to have a positive impact on skin whitening it and making soft and acne-free.

If you have chronic constipation there are all chances you suffer from pimples, so get treatment, follow a right diet and you will have pimple-free skin.

Topical creams and gels can relieve pimples and blackheads but you should seek for the ones that work well with your skin type and age. Pimple cosmetics for adolescents should be specifically designed for adolescent skin.

Beauty tips

Pimple how to: prevention, treatment and beauty tips

As it was already mentioned give your skin some rest once a week from any makeup or beauty products. Clean it with cleansing tonic and let it breathe for a day.

To conceal your pimple apply a bit of concealer (green-tinted if pimple is red) onto and around it and then blend well with the foundation. Avoid using too much concealer though as it may draw attention to your pimple.

Try using sheer and light creams and foundation. Apply moisturizer or cream only to clean skin.

Try washing your face with rose water or orange peel powder to reduce skin inflammation. Dry orange peel in shade for 4-5 days, then powder it very well. Use 2 times a day instead of facial soap.

Remember that pimple cosmetics has a short-term effect, so in order to eliminate the cause of pimples you need to know the cause and take a proper treatment, which may be slower but more effective.

Discuss other prevention, treatment and beauty tips for pimples

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