Oval face shape

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We talked about face shape

First of all – Oval face shape.

One of the principles for the correct make-up, hair cut or hair do is the face shape distinction. “Face shape” definition is much broader than we can think. It includes such features as the face unique details, person’s character and individuality, etc.

The oval face is the most versatile face type. The shape of this ideal face is the basis for the variations of all other face shapes.

The contour of the face: the length of the face is about half as large as its width that is taken from the brows’ area. The forehead is a bit wider than the chin.

Oval-faced woman is the one who looks good with all kinds of the hair-do and make-up when we don’t take into consideration such factors like glasses, length & form of the nose or the profile shape.

Jessica Alba

Celebs who share your face shape: Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Cox Arquette, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Uma Turman.

The other face shapes are to follow…

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