Open Pores: Cleaning – Narrowing – Nourishing

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Those women who have oily skin know how tricky it can be and that it can cause lots of cares. If you can manage somehow with greasy spots on the skin thanks to the matt creams and masks, it’s much more difficult to cope with open or widen pores that are too vivid. The skin looks picked all over or like an orange skin because of such pores. But this problem can be solved.


As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. For open pores skin it ought to be the manifest. If you can examine the pores under the magnifying glass, you will see the huge wells fulfilled with nasty dark matter composed of the sebum, streets dirt, sweat and make up remains. It’s your direct obligation to release your skin form these heaps to prevent it from bacteria propagating.

Perfect Skin

Here what you can do:

  • Washing gels with scrubbing particles. Use them 2-3 times a week. These products perfectly remove the sebum excess, dead or keratinized cells and other elements that block the pores and skin surface.


Don’t go too far with scrubs because too intensive peeling can bewilder the sebaceous glands and they can start to work in a frantic rush causing the opposite result. Moreover, the massaging movements should be delicate and tender when applying the gels.

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  • Use masks for deep cleaning (with kaolin for example) and with steaming out effect. They can dissolve dirt in the pores in a few minutes and make them less obvious, and the skin will look fresher.


Applying such masks, pay your thorough attention to T-zones (forehead, nose, and chin) that are the most vivid on the face; and less masking to the non-problem areas. Do these masks 1-2 times a weak after skin cleaning.


Pores narrowing

After the procedure of cleaning the pores it’s necessary to close them. There are tonics for this purpose. For instance take tonics based on the rose or cornflower water, tea tree extract or aloe (it’s a perfect choice for acne suffering women).


If the tonic produced seems too aggressive for your skin (oily skin can be very sensitive), rub it with a cucumber piece. Its juice has the same effect as tonic has. It narrows the pores and soothes the skin.
Decoction or tincture of sage, calendula, camomile and St. John’s wort effect smoothly the skin. Horsetail and linden soften the skin well.


Deprived-of-water oily skin presents a sorry spectacle. That’s why you always need some moisturizer in your beauty arsenal. Preferably, there should be A and E vitamins, solar-control filter and oily skin herbal extracts in the composition.


It goes without saying, that moisturizer shouldn’t be rich in oil. Take light, melting and gel textures. Clean your skin before applying them otherwise vital moisture won’t force its way to the epidermis cells through the layers of dust and fat.

Salon procedures

Microdermabrasion and laser peeling help to narrow the pores. The procedure stimulates the collagen generation leading skin to young, smooth and well-groomed condition.

Woman with Sponge


The problem with open large pores goes together with some other “amenities” of oily skin – pimples and appearance of skin abnormalities. If the thorough care doesn’t help to normalize the work of sebaceous glands, then go to the cosmetologist without fail.

Another advice:

Don’t prescribe the procedures by yourselves. When you come to the cosmetologist you shouldn’t say: “I want this … or that procedure…”. Ask the specialist to consult you: the good one will give you full information and explain you the heart of the problem and the ways of its solving. This way you can define the level of his/her professionalism and choose something from the procedure list she/he has offered.

Make up secrets

Big mistake is to overdo with the toner. If you put a thick layer of toner onto the porous face skin, it won’t mask it, but will accent the imperfections. So to avoid this kind of effect, apply a bit of moistening matt cream after cleaning and toning the skin. Then make even the face skin color with the thinnest toner layer. Sometimes you can use just the powder.


Putting the tone, touch your face as less as possible. Don’t rub the face. The cosmetic sponge is your best helper. It can absorb the sebum excesses and cover the face with the slightly visible toner layer providing the smooth face color. Moreover, it can remore the skin particles in case if it peels off.

Another advice:

Don’t be in a rush when doing all the procedures – cleaning, moistening and make up. Take a break after every step – about 10-15 minutes to let the skin relax a little.

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