Once More About Eyes: Sensitive Eye Skin Care Tips

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Once More About Eyes: Sensitive Eye Skin Care Tips

We usually say it in almost every post with makeup tips that sensitive skin around eyes requires special care so here are all the tips gathered together. You know that eye skin is different from that of our face, right? It thinner and has less fat and no muscles under it. There are only blood vessels that, by the by, can make those dark circles your are struggling with appear if they are located too close to the surface. So let’s learn how to keep our super sensitive eye skin youthful as long as we can.

Once More About Eyes: Sensitive Eye Skin Care Tips

Good Night Sleep Yes, I won’t tire to repeat that again and again. Sleep! And sleep well. Consult with your health care provider if you have insomnia about the ways you can battle it.

Say ‘yes’ to Sunglasses There are sunny winter days and snow is reflecting the light so it’s also very bright and in order to protect our eyes from the bright sun rays or snow glow we squint and as a result get ‘crow feet’ around our eyes.

Remove Makeup ‘What happens if you go to sleep with a dirty face? You wake up with a dirty face.’ Just read it somewhere…but I’ll say more – you make up with a dirty face too as the old makeup builds up in your skin while you sleep so the skin gets duller with time.

Go Natural When You Can It’s actually a good practice especially in summer when it’s too hot to wear heavy makeup on your face. It’s like clothing your face warm when it’s hot outside. Give your face a break once in a while from all the products use pure water spray during the day to freshen up. That’s all you really need.

That Nice Cool Water To remove dark circles under your eyes wash your face with cool not cold water and gently tap an eye cream around your eyes to boost blood circulation.

Be Gentle Sensitive eye skin doesn’t tolerate harsh treatment so be gentle with it when you apply creams, serums or makeup. Don’t scrub, wipe or rub vigorously. It can damage tiny blood vessels under your eyes and result in dark circles.

Apply Beauty Creams in Advance Do not apply night creams right before going to bed. Apply in advance an hour or hour and a half before bedtime. Otherwise you may end up having swollen eyes.

Moisturize Well we couldn’t ignore this one. Make sure your eye serum has a light texture as heavy creams don’t allow your skin to breathe which may result in swelling.

Once More About Eyes: Sensitive Eye Skin Care Tips

Sensitive Eye Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

  • Do choose cosmetics according to your age;
  • Don’t apply face creams to skin around the eyes it can cause irritation, swelling and inflammation;
  • Don’t touch your eyes too often, don’t stretch the skin and wash hands before touching your eyes.

Once More About Eyes: Sensitive Eye Skin Care Tips

To remove swelling learn the reason for it. Consult with your health care provider as your kidneys may not work appropriately thus the swelling. Other remedies include:

  • sleeping with your head just a bit above the rest of your body;
  • avoid heavy eye creams;
  • reconsider your daily salt intake, maybe you abuse it, which results in swelling as it detains water in your body;
  • also cut back on alcohol and spicy foods;
  • potato, tea and camomile┬ácompresses also help reduce under eye swelling.

Quality Cosmetics It’s better going ‘naked-faced’ than using bad-quality cosmetics. It doesn’t mean you should buy only known brands’ products. Search for affordable good-quality beauty tools and stick to trusted and tested brands.

Under eye wrinkles are inevitable, but you can help your skin stay youthful for a long time by following these easy tips and also by reducing stress, leading healthy lifestyle and loving yourself.

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